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Abundant in content, have more than 16000 products, the full color is printed, there are 912 pages in all, Worth you collect, solve you purchase problem that pay

1.Taiwan(Give free):
  If you surf the Net and apply for we will send in 2 days after receiving the message Electronic part E purchases the guiden is one, totally free.



1.The table of contents mails to mainland China area, Freight charges+Deal with artificially=50 RMB

    (Please remit money first, the method that remit money is like the form)

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Account Number

 TaiWan Account Number:
 Name: Centenary Materials Co.,Ltd

 Account Number: 018-002-0100912-8 USD
 Bank Name: Bank Sino Pac Hsin Chu Branch
 Bank Swift Code: SINOTWTP018
 FAX: 00-886-3-5773759

 China Account Number:
 Name: Guo ZiJie
 Account Number: 034-81053806-49
 Bank:The commercial bank of Shanzhen(Huanggang Branch bank)
 FAX: 00-86-755 - 83640655 & 83283715
Seeks the brand managing agent

    Please  provide  the  product  catalog ,  the  sample ,  the  quotation to our company ,
 if  you would like to cooperate with us.
   Taiwan - contact: Mr.Guo, Miss Liu
  Address : No. 167, Longshan W. Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
   The telephone of Mr.Guo in Taiwan:0927678477
   China - contact: Mr.Guo, Miss Yao
  Address : Rm. 2108, Top Office, Glittery City, N0. 3027 Shennna Road Central, Shenzhen P.R China.
   The telephone of Mr.Guo in China:13699815797

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