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1.14445- Grinder Discs
2.14753-Extend Grinder
5.16928-PROXXON_£r50mm Grinder Discs
6.17144-3" Grinder Discs
7.17201- Grinder Discs
8.29525-3"Grinder Discs
10.46850-PROXXON_Belt sander BSL 12/E
11.46852-PROXXON_Belt sander BSL 220/E
12.46854-PROXXON_Grinding and Polishing Machine SP/E
13.46856-PROXXON_Grinding and Polishing Machine SP/E
14.46871-PROXXON_Corundum discs
15.46872-PROXXON_Corundum discs
16.46873-PROXXON_Corundum discs
17.46874-PROXXON_Flap wheels
18.46876-PROXXON_Flap wheels
19.46877-PROXXON_Nylon fleece brushes
21.46879-PROXXON_Silicon carbide
22.46880-PROXXON_Polishing set easily fitted to the arbor
23.46886-PROXXON_Disc Sander TSG 250/E
24.46887-PROXXON_Disc Sander TSG 250/E
25.46947-PROXXON_Corundum grinding disc, 50mm diameter,for:LWS(60 grit)
26.46949-PROXXON_Corundum grinding disc, 50mm diameter,for:LWS(36grit)
27.46950-PROXXON_Silicon Carbide grinding disc, 50mm diameter,for:LWS(60grit)
28.46952-PROXXON_Fan sander, 50mm diameter, for LWS(100grit)
29.46953-PROXXON_Fan sander, 50mm diameter, for LWS
30.46999-PROXXON_Steel brushes, cups amd wheels
31.47000-PROXXON_Steel brushes, cups amd wheels
32.47001-PROXXON_Steel brushes, cups amd wheels
33.47003-PROXXON_Brassbrushes, cups and wheels
34.47005-PROXXON_Brassbrushes, cups and wheels
35.47007-PROXXON_Brassbrushes, cups and wheels
36.47009-PROXXON_Flexible polisher.
37.47011-PROXXON_Flexible polisher
38.47012-PROXXON_Flexible polisher
39.47018-PROXXON_Flexible polishing pad set of 2.
40.47019-PROXXON_Flexible polishing pad set of 2
41.47062-PROXXON¡ÄDelta sander OZI 220/E
42.47063-PROXXON¡ÄHSS cutting blade for OZI220/E
43.47064-PROXXON¡ÄDiamond cutting blade for OZI220/E
44.47113-PROXXON_BSL220/E¡@Replacement corundum sanding belts 180grit
45.47115-PROXXON_BSL220/EReplacement corundum sanding belts 120grit
46.47117-PROXXON_BSL220/EReplacement corundum sanding belts 80grit
47.47143-PROXXON¡ÄJig saw blades. Special steel for SS230/E.
48.47147-PROXXON_Jig saw blades. HSS for SS230/E
49.47154-PROXXON¡ÄOrbital sander SL12/E
50.49906-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r250mm(150grit)
51.49907-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r250mm(240grit)
52.49908-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Waterproof Sanding Discs£r250mm(320grit)
53.51365-PROXXON_Diamond Cutting disc£r20mm
54.51366-PROXXON_Diamond Cutting disc£r38mm
55.51446-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r250mm(80grit)
56.52141-PROXXON_Corundum(Spare discs for:SP/E)
57.52142-PROXXON_Silicon carbide(Spare discs for:SP/E)
58.52156-PROXXON_Corundum bound cutting disc for LWS
59.52163-PROXXON_Backing disc for LWS
60.52167-PROXXON_Corundum sanding discs #80 (12pcs)
61.52174-PROXXON_Corundum sanding discs #120 (12pcs)
62.52175-PROXXON_Corundum sanding discs #240 (12pcs)
63.52176-PROXXON_Sanding fleece for LWS(fine)
64.52178-PROXXON_Aluminium Oxide (for steel)40 grit
65.52179-PROXXON_Aluminium Oxide (for steel)80 grit
66.52180-PROXXON_Aluminium Oxide (for steel)180 grit
67.52182-PROXXON_Zircon corundum (for stainless and alloy steels)50 grit
68.52184-PROXXON_Zircon corundum (for stainless and alloy steels)80 grit
69.52185-PROXXON_Zircon corundum (for stainless and alloy steels)120 grit
70.52186-PROXXON_Polishing fleece (for cleaning & finishing)coarse
71.52187-PROXXON_Polishing fleece (for cleaning & finishing)fine
72.52188-PROXXON_Polishing fleece (for cleaning & finishing)extra fine
73.52189-PROXXON_Felt disc
74.52190-PROXXON_Cutting disc(Aluminium Oxide with reinforcement)
75.52191-PROXXON_Metal cutting blades
76.52194-PROXXON_Corundum sanding discs #180 (12pcs)
77.52195-PROXXON_Long neck Angle Grinder LHW
78.52224-PROXXON_Sanding fleece for LWS (medium)
79.52240-PROXXON_Long neck Angle Grinder LWS
80.52241-PROXXON_Belt sander BSL 115/E
81.59907-6"(1/6HP) BENCH GRINDER
82.59908-6"(1/4HP) BENCH GRINDER
83.59909-8"(1/2HP-110V) BENCH GRINDER
86.65049-PROXXON_BSL220/E¡@Replacement corundum sanding belts 180grit
87.65070-PROXXON_Perforated metal grinding wheel For:LWS
88.65075-PROXXON_Flexible spatula made from spring steel for OZI
89.65076-PROXXON_Diamond files for OZI
90.65082-PROXXON_Diamond files for OZI
91.65083-PROXXON_HSS immersion saw blades for OZI
92.65084-PROXXON_HSS immersion saw blades for OZI
93.65090-PROXXON_Belt Sander BBS/S
94.65091-PROXXON_BBS/S Special Belt 80grit 40*265mm 5pieces
95.65093-PROXXON_Special Belt 120grit 40*265mm 5pieces
96.65094-PROXXON_Special Belt 180grit 40*265mm 5pieces
97.65095-PROXXON_Special Belt 240grit 40*265mm 5pieces
98.65106-PROXXON_Tool holder For;IB/E,BSL,220/E,LW/E,ES230/E,KB220,SS220/E
99.65322-PROXXON_Disc dander TG125/E
100.65323-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r125mm(80grit)
101.65324-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r125mm(150grit)
102.65327-PROXXON_Self-adhesive Sanding Disc£r125mm(240grit)
103.65492-PROXXON_³n©Êª¿½¦½ü ¾ò¶ê§Î
104.65511-PROXXON_ wool wheel vertebral shape £X8 * 15mm
105.65512-PROXXON_ wool wheel cylinder £X7 * 15mm
106.65513-PROXXON_ wool wheel disc-shaped £X16 * 3mm
107.65514-PROXXON_ wool wheel disc-shaped + cylindrical + vertebral shap
108.65516-PROXXON_ thick metal cut off pieces £X22 * 1.8mm 10PCS/set
109.65540-PROXXON_ Cotton Wheel £X22mm
110.65541-PROXXON_Leather polisher £X22mm
111.65543-PROXXON_Felt polisher,22mm
112.65544-PROXXON_cotton¡Bchamios and felt polishers
113.65545-PROXXON_Polishing paste
114.65546-PROXXON_Diamond-coate cutting discs with cooling holes
115.74079-PROXXON_Disc dander TG125/E
116.75719-metabo_350W Bench Grinder
117.85562-Stainless steel brushes
118.85563-Stainless steel brushes
119.85564-Stainless steel cups and wheels
120.86172-BOSCH_GWS 6-100 Mini Grinder
121.91218-Ingersoll-Rand G2H180RG4 G-Series Straight Die Grinders
122.94270-MAKITA_Electric Polishing Machine
123.99194-3"Grinder Discs
124.104001-azury Discs
125.106223-Grinding Wheel
126.108383-GGM-250N Cover
127.108585-Grinding Wheel
128.108586-Wheel Cutting Tablet
129.108587-Pig Bristle Brush
130.108588-Horse Brown Brush
131.108589-Horse Brown Grinding Wheel
132.112161-T Type Horse Brown Round
133.112162-T Type Horse Brown Round
134.112163-T Type Horse Brown Round
135.112923-4mm Head Emery Cloth Kit

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