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1.2090-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
2.2505-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
3.2506-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
4.2516-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
5.7661-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
6.7662-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
7.8122-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
8.10620-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
9.11839-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
10.14883-PROXXON_PCB Drills FBS 115/E
11.14884-PROXXON-40E Profile Rotary Burr Sets
12.14950-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
13.14951-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
15.16300-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
16.16782-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
17.16783-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
18.17601-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
19.27348-13X0.1mm Steeu Ctters 3mm¬`
20.28427-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
22.39334-PROXXON_Diamond Grinding Bits 1,8mm
23.39628-PROXXON_Engraving Tool GG12
24.39690-PROXXON_Silicium Carbide Grinding Bits
25.39986-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
26.39989-Diamond Engraving Burs 2.0mm
27.40088-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
28.40530-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
29.41159-Diamond Engraving Burs 3mm
30.44896-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
31.46763-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
32.46765-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
33.46766-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
34.46767-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
35.46768-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
36.46769-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
37.46771-PROXXON_Silicon carbide grinding bits
38.46772-PROXXON_Diamondgrinding bits
39.46774-PROXXON_Diamondgrinding bits
40.46776-PROXXON_Diamondgrinding bits
41.46803-PROXXON¡ÄMotorised carver¡@MSG110
42.46809-PROXXON¡ÄMotorised carver SGM
43.46857-PROXXON_Long neck angle milling/drilling unit MICROMOT WB12/E
44.46860-PROXXON_Long neck angle milling/drilling unit MICROMOT WB 220/E
45.46881-PROXXON_Replacement carving blades for SGM
46.46882-PROXXON_Profiled sharpening stone for SGM
47.46919-PROXXON_Model building and engraving set
48.46979-PROXXON_Glass working
49.47059-PROXXON_Pensander PS 13
50.47120-PROXXON_precision drill grinder FBS 12/E
51.47151-PROXXON¡Ä angle adapter WS 90
52.47196-PROXXON¡Äuniversal holder UHV. The suction food ensures rapid fixing tosmooth surfaces.
53.47202-PROXXON¡ÄUniversal holder UHZ
54.47676-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
55.47680-PROXXON_PCB Drills FBS 240/E
56.47946-Diamond Engraving Burs 3.0mm
57.48807-PROXXON_Motorised Carver MOS
58.48809-PROXXON_Collets(Fits all MICROMOT machines, excluding the engraver GG 12 and COLT 220/E)
59.48810-PROXXON_Flexishaft MICROMOT
60.49292-engraves the grinding machine
61.51437-PROXXON_Professional drill/grinder IB/E
62.51438-PROXXON_Professional drill/grinder IB/E
63.51553-PROXXON_Long neck angle milling/drilling unit MICROMOT WB/E
64.51554-PROXXON_Three Jaw Keyless Chuck(Used on all MICROMOT machines, excluding the engraver GG 12)
65.51556-PROXXON_Spare arbors
66.51773-13X0.1X36T Steeu Ctters 3mm¬`
67.52068-Accessory (FOR:U-SW2)
68.53206-Metal cutting blades
69.53517-transformer FOR 28500
70.54357-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
71.56326-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
73.59896-Accessory FOR: 28644-100
74.62047-PROXXON_Engraving Mini Magic Box group includes GG12 glass sculpture
75.62969-Diamond Engraving Burs 3.0mm
76.62970-Diamond Engraving Burs 2.38mm
77.65040-PROXXON_Long neck straight drill/grinder LB/E
78.65112-PROXXON_Tungsten steel grinding head carved for: electric carving machine MOS
79.65115-PROXXON_Tungsten steel grinding head carved for: electric carving machine MOS
80.65117-PROXXON_Tungsten steel grinding head carved for: electric carving machine MOS
81.65178-PROXXON_Additional sandpaper for PS12
82.65179-PROXXON_Additional sandpaper for PS 12
83.65180-PROXXON_Additional sandpaper PS 12
84.65181-PROXXON_MICROMOT Flexishaft 110/BF
86.65442-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
87.65443-PROXXON_Carborundum grinding bits
88.65447-PROXXON_Rasp cutter
89.65547-PROXXON_Holders for drill/mill/polishing/etc.bits
90.72890-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
91.73341-MINIMO_Polytor Power Pack Single-Station
92.73343-MINIMO_Handpiece for the Ultrasonic Finishing Unit
93.73524-PROXXON_Engraving Mini Magic Box group includes GG12 glass sculpture
94.76244-Profile Rotary Burr Sets Accessory
95.76245-Diamond Engraving Burs
98.81886-transformer FOR 28500
99.85552-Protective device for hand-operated MICROMOT machines
100.85670-transformer FOR 28500
101.91029-105Pcs Rotary Tool Accessories
102.96374-HSS cutter
103.98573-Profile Rotary Burr Sets
104.100867-The plastic box Electric tool accessories
105.113642-Polishing Grinding
106.115266-Large Circle Sandpaper+Large Rubber Roller
107.115267-Small Sandpaper Circle+Small Rubber Wheel

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