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1.18025-Current Transducer 100:5A
2.19498-Shunt 50A/50mV
3.39199-Shunt 200A/50mV
4.52168-Precision Shunt 100A/75mA
5.53045-Shunt 50A/200mV(Shunt with base )
6.54269-Current Transducer 100:5
7.59631-Shunt 40A/60mV
8.61056-Shunt 1000A/60mV
9.61057-Shunt 800A/60mV
10.61410-Shunt 40A/60mV
11.64170-Shunt 50A/50mV
12.66687-Shunt 400A/100mV
13.85356-Shunt 75mV 30A
14.85357-Shunt 75mV 50A
15.85384-0.66KV Current Transformer
16.86347-Precision Shunt
17.86348-Precision Shunt 10A 75mV
18.86349-Precision Shunt 25A 75mV
19.86350-Precision Shunt 15A 75mV
20.86351-Precision Shunt 20A 75mV
21.88718-0.66KV Current Transformer
22.88719-0.66KV Current Transformer
23.88720-0.66KV Current Transformer
24.88721-0.66KV Current Transformer
25.88722-0.66KV Current Transformer
26.88723-0.66KV Current Transformer
27.88724-0.66KV Current Transformer
28.88981-Shunt 30A 50mV
29.88982-Shunt 100A 50mV
30.88983-Shunt 200A 50mV
31.91601-Precision Shunt 800A 50mV
32.93055-Current Transducer
33.93373-SIEMENS 4NC51 Current Transformers
34.93374-4NC51 Current Transformers
35.93375-Current Transformers
36.94065-Core Balance Transformers type A
37.94392-Current Transducer 400:5A
38.94394-Current Transducer 200:5A
39.94405-Current Transducer 100:5
40.100476-Shunt 150A 75mV
41.106312-ADTEK_ electric meter with shunt

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