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1.2690-SOP-28-300mil Programming Adaptor (FOR:LP-48)
2.5205-PLCC to DIP Programming Adaptors
3.5206-84Pins PLCC to DIPProgramming Adaptors
4.8060-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer PLCC44
5.8061-Programming Adaptor For IC WriterPLCC32
6.10944-32DIP-32PLCC Programming Adaptor
7.11100- SOJ-28P-300mil IC Programming Adaptors
8.11101-SOP-32-460mil Programming Adaptor
9.11102-32P TSOP Programming Adaptor
10.11729-OPEN/SHORT Testing Board FOR PCI 120P
11.11853-PLCC-52 Programming Adaptor
12.11976-SOP-16P-150mil Programming Adaptor
13.12559-32P PLCC Programming Adaptor
14.12560-SOP-28A-330mil Programming Adaptor
15.12561-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer 44P PLCC
16.12644-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer
17.12663-SOP-20PIN Programming Adaptor
18.12969- PLCC-44 Programming Adaptor
19.12970-40DIP-44PLCC Programming Adaptor
20.13104-32P PLCC Programming Adaptor
21.13305-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer SU2000-8BIT
22.13455-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer
23.13702-20P PLCC Programming Adaptor
24.14603- 28IC Programming Adaptors
25.14829-28P TSOP Programming Adaptor
26.15524-32P-PLCC Programming Adaptor
27.15525-"YAMAICHI" CNV-QFP-MPU51B 燒錄轉接座
28.16809-48P TSOP Programming Adaptor
29.17331-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer
30.17332-Programming Adaptor
31.17588-44-pin PLCC Socket to DIP(ADP-PLSI-PL44)
32.17839-TSOP48→DIP4 Conversion socket
33.18584-Programming Adaptor (CNV-SOP-NDIP16F)
34.19347- PLCC-44 Programming Adaptor
35.19640-32P PLCC Programming Adaptor
37.19771- 44P PLCC To DIP Programming Adaptors
38.22113- PLCC-44 Programming Adaptor
39.23243-8P TSOP Programming Adaptor
40.23892-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer PLCC44 (鍍金IC腳)
41.28214-48P TSOP To DIP Programming Adapters
42.28647-Programming Adaptors For IC Writer
43.28648-SOP-8PIN Programming Adaptor
44.28668-SOJ-28P IC Programming Adaptor
45.31071-Programming Adaptors For IC Writer(CNV-PLCC-PAL20)
46.34584-Programming Adaptors For IC WriterCNV-PLCC-MPU51B
47.38995-SOP-28P-330mil Programming Adaptor
48.39808-40DIP-44PLCC Programming Adaptors
49.39809-Programming Adaptors For IC Writer(IC51-0324-453)
50.43267-Programming Adaptor
51.43514-Programming Adaptor
52.47686-44P PSOP Programming Adaptors
53.49828-LP48-PLCC-44 Adaptor/Converter
54.52013-ADAPTER for ALL-100P Programmer
55.52723-56P TSOP Programming Adaptors
56.53972-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer
57.54025-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer
60.54606-100P QFP To DIP Programming Adaptors
61.54608-44P SOP To DIP Programming Adaptors
62.54610-Conversion socket
63.55034-Programming Adaptor
64.55036-Programming Adaptor
65.55565-44-pin PLCC Socket to DIP(ADP-PLSI-TQ44)
66.57816-Programming Adaptor
67.58823-28PLCC to DIP Programming Adaptors
68.59117-40P TSOP Programming Adaptor
69.60297-SOP-20PIN Programming Adaptor
70.61815-SOP-16P-150mil Programming Adaptor
71.62872-QFP-44PIN Programming Adaptor
72.62873-VQFP-44S Programming Adaptor
73.64036-SOP-8PIN Programming Adaptor
74.66495-48-pin PLCC Socket to DIP(ADP-PLSI-TQ48)
75.66496-100-pin PLCC Socket to DIP(ADP-PLSI-TQ100)
76.66497-100-pin QFP(PITCH 0.5mm,14x14mm) socket.
78.73260-28P SOP Socket,Pitch 1.27mm
79.73317-Programming Adaptor For IC Writer PLCC44
80.73414-100-pin QFP socket
81.73497-Programming Adaptor Socke
82.73498-IC socket
84.78097-ALL-11P3 Socket
85.78339-ADAP Module for ALL-100P Program
86.86502-56P SSOP Adapter for intel 28f016XX 56P SSOP Chips
87.89080-20P SOP Socket,Pitch 1.27mm

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