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1.6882-2P Keylock Switches
2.13950-Keylock Switches 16mm
3.22299-2P Keylock Switch
4.22310-2P Keylock Switches
5.39578-L型復歸 鎖匙開關
6.43962-Φ22 Key operator Round
7.43964-Φ30Key operator Round
8.43969-Φ22 Key operator Square
9.43971-Φ22 Long head Round
10.43972-Φ30 Long head  Round1a1b
11.43974-Φ22 Mushroom head Round
12.43977-Φ30Mushroom head KeySwitch
13.43978-Φ22Long head Square
14.43979-Φ22Mushroom head Square
15.44111-∮25 Key type selector switch 2 positions
16.44113-Φ25 Key type selector switch 1a1b 2 positions
17.44114-Φ25 Key type selector switch 1a1b 3 positions
18.44115-∮30 Key type selector switch 2 positions
19.44116-∮30Key type selector switch 2 positions
20.44117-Φ30 Key type selector switch 1a1b 3 positions
21.44251-key operator -1C
22.44253-key operator -2C
23.44260-key operator -3C
24.44355-Key Operator
25.44357-key operator
26.44362-key operator
27.47795-Square Alternate Keylock Switches
28.48675-Keylock Switch
29.48757-16/Selector Rectangural Switch-2-position(1key wintdrawable )
30.49479-Keylock Switch
31.51952-Key Operator-Rectangural
32.51953-key operator-Square
33.52225-Keylock Switch-2 positions,maintained 90°(two inlets)
34.52226-Keylock Switch-3 positions,left&right maintained 90°(two inlets)
35.53908-Square Alternate Keylock Switches
36.59358-Keylock Switch-3positions,maintained 90°(two inlets)
37.59903-Square Alternate Keylock Switches
38.60008-Keylock Switch
39.64325-1P Keylock Switch
40.65279-Keylock Switch
41.65494-Keylock Switch
42.66498-Key Switch 2 Position, Maintained, 1NO
43.67573-Key switch
44.69986-Key operator Round
45.83242-Switch (Same as for Knob -type Selector Switche)
46.85932-Switch Block
48.87509-NKK_High Security Keylock Switch
49.87513-NKK_High Security Keylock Switch
50.87514-NKK_High Security Keylock Switch
51.87587-NKK_High Security Keylock Switch
52.87787-NKK_High Security Keylock Switch
53.91387-Φ30Key operator Round
54.91712-FUJI_Key Operator Round
55.98965-Schneider-key swich
56.100407-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
57.100408-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
58.100409-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
59.102247-SIEMENS_Key-Operated Switch With 3 Switch Position
60.103944-EAO_Keylock Switch
61.106369-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
62.106370-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
63.106371-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
64.106389-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
65.106391-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
66.106550-Fuji Electric_Selector Switches Key with rectangular bezel
67.107844-Fuji Electric_selector switch
68.108260-Fuji Electric_Key Switch, Metal nut
69.108706-Fuji Electric_Key Selector Switch
70.108707-Fuji Electric_Key Selector Switch
71.108756-Keylock Switch
72.108786-Fuji Electric_Key Switch
73.108787-Fuji Electric_Key Switch

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