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1.45045-SMD/BGA Intelligent Programs Digital Service Station
2.47700-Pdr_BGA.SMD demolition infra-red welding system components
3.47702-Pdr_BGA.SMD demolition infra-red welding system components
4.47703-Pdr_BGA.SMD demolition infra-red welding system components
6.57055-"JBC"_JT7500 HIGH POWER HOT AIR STATION(230V/1000W)
7.57535-PDR's Focused IR SMT/BGA Rework System
8.61885-"JBC"_JT High-Power hot-air station
9.65191-Console Server-15VAC/150W
10.65192-Console Server-15VAC/150W
11.74218-JBC_AM rework station 120V
12.74222-JBC_AM rework station 230V
13.83293-JBC_RMST rework station 220V
14.94903-JBC 120V Heavy Duty Station
15.97944-JBC_Micro Tweezer
16.102161-Thermocouple Spot Welder
17.102653-"JBC"_JT High-Power hot-air station
18.117249-BGA Infrared Demolition Rework Station
19.117593-Puhui_Infrared BGA Portable Desoldering Station
20.117921-SMT Scraper -15cm
21.118572-Puhui_Infrared BGA Portable Desoldering Station
22.125557-Combined Desoldering Station (Hot Air Gun/Electric Welding Station Combo)
23.130348-SMT Scraper -10cm
24.130351-SMT Scraper -20cm

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