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1.3098-Heating Gun
2.5191-QFP1420 Desoldering Iron Tip
3.5421-Heating Gun
4.7353-Heating Gun
5.7646-Heating Gun Nozzle
6.7647-A1114 Flat Nozzle 20mm
7.7681-QFP1414 Desoldering Iron Tip
8.10685-Nozzle QFP 14*20mm (0.55*0.78)
9.10709-Nozzle QFP 28*28mm (1.1*1.1)
10.10810-SMD ESD Hot Air Work Station
11.11826-PLCC 44 Desoldering Iron Tip
12.11827-QFP1420 Desoldering Iron Tip
13.11828-QFP1010 Desoldering Iron Tip
14.11829-SOP2513 Desoldering Iron Tip
15.12003-PLCC32 Desoldering Iron Tip
16.12195-Nozzle I/D:2.5mm (.09)
18.12485-Nozzle QFP 10*10mm (0.39*0.39)
19.12895-SMD Heating Gun/ HOT-Jet S (CH-6056)
20.13240-Heater For RJ-203A-110V
21.13241-Heater for PJ-206A,PJ-206A1,PJ-208A
24.13460-Nozzle I/D:4.4mm(0.17)
25.13461-Nozzle Bent Single 1.5*3mm(0.06*0.12)
28.13580-SOP8.6*48 Nozzle
29.14054-Nozzle QFP 14*14(0.55*0.55)
30.14712-A1109 Heating Gun Nozzle
31.14713-A1110 Heating Gun Nozzle 62mm
32.14844-Heater For HAKKO-850
33.14846-Heating Gun +AT-21*1Pcs
34.14847-SURE_Temp. Controlled Heating Gun
35.14903-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
36.14914-Heating Gun Nozzle(for:PJ-214及PJ-210)
37.14937-Heating Gun
38.14938-HLG-2000E Heating Gun Nozzle
39.16196-Nozzle SOP 4.4*10mm(0.17*0.39)
40.16197-Nozzle SOP 5.6*13mm(0.22*0.51)
41.16198-Nozzle SOP7.5*15mm (0.3*0.59)
42.16199-Nozzle SOP 7.5*18mm(0.3*0.7)
44.16201-SOP Nozzle
46.16203-Nozzle QFP17.5*17.5mm(0.68*0.68)
47.16204-Nozzle QFP20*20(0.78*0.78in)
48.16205-QFP Nozzle
49.16206-Nozzle For QFP
50.16207-Nozzle PLCC 17.5*17.5mm(0.68*0.68)
51.16209-Nozzle PLCC 25*25mm (0.98*0.98)
53.16211-Nozzle PLCC12.5*7.3mm (0.49*0.29)
54.16212-Nozzle PLCC 11.5*11.5mm (0.45*0.45)
55.16213-Nozzle PLCC11.5*14mm (0.45*0.55) 32pin
58.16293-A1113 Round Nozzleψ5
60.21783-Heating Gun For:HAKKO 881、882
62.23512-Hot-Jet S熱風頭
63.23976-Desoldering Iron Tip
64.24777-Hot-Air Pencil
67.28439-SUNKKOˍVortex Digital Desolder equipment
69.32240-Heater For 626-120V
70.35315-HAKKO_FR-802 Digital-type Hot Air Rework System
71.35346-HAKKO_FR-801 Analog-type Hot Air Rework System
72.35526-HAKKO_FR-803 Greater increase in power SMD Rework Station with Vacuum Pickup
73.35840-Ceramic heater(For 626-SMD)
74.36318-Weller_Hot Air Work Station
75.37308-Heating Gun
76.37698-2 IN 1 Rework Station
77.37810-Self-Contained SMT Deluxe Hot Air Station
78.37813-Self-Contained SMT Hot Air Station
79.37816-SMT Hot Air Station
80.37826-SMT Hot Air Station
81.37829-Master Control Hot Air System
82.37914-SMT Hot Air Station
83.37915-SMT Hot Air Station
84.37917-Self-Contained SMT Hot Air Station
85.39447-Heater for PJ-206A,PJ-206A1
86.40075-SMD & BGA Rework System
87.40307-SMD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
89.40416-Heating Gun
90.40518-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
91.40594-Heater for PJ-203A,PJ-203A1
93.41197-Heater for PJ-203A,PJ-203A1
94.41660-QFP熱風頭 QFP 14*20mm (0.55*0.78)
95.41662-QFP熱風頭 28*28mm (1.1*1.1)
97.41955-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
98.45594-Bent Single Nozzle 1.5*3
99.45595-Nozzle QFP 10*10
100.45596-Nozzle QFP 14*14
101.45597-Nozzle QFP 14*20
102.45598-Nozzle QFP 28*28
103.45599-Nozzle SOP 4.4*10
104.45600-Nozzle SOP 5.6*13
105.45601-Nozzle PLCC 17.5*17.5
106.45602-Nozzle PLCC 25*25
107.45603-Nozzle SOP 11*21
108.45604-Nozzle SOP 18*8.6
109.45605-Adapter For 626
110.46982-SMD Heating Gun/ HOT-Jet S
111.47755-Weller_250 Watts Electric Industrial Heat Gun
112.47756-Weller_Digital 700W Hot Air Station with Built in Turbine
113.47797-850D LCD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
114.47910-Heating Element
115.48139-SURE_Heating Gun
116.48144-Hot Air Guns
117.48146-Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun
118.48148-Hot Air Gun
119.48149-Hot Air Guns
120.48412-Heater FOR:TYP-5000
122.48778-Hot-Jet S Nozzle
123.48898-For: HAKKO 850 Hot Air Nozzle,Single,4.4mm
124.49693-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
125.51164-Heater (FOR:LE 10,000S)
126.51227-Hot-Air Pencil
127.51536-Insulating tube(for:8D7 use)
129.51755-OMNIVISE PCB Holder
131.51943-Heater (FOR:7B,7A1,8D-10)
132.51944-Insulating tube(for:8D7 use)
134.53283-SURE_Heating Gun
135.53284-SURE_Heating Gun
136.53285-SURE_Heating Gun
137.53286-SURE_Heating Gun
138.53453-Fan (for:PJ-203A-H-110V)
139.53973-welding machine
140.53985-welding machine
141.54001-Heater ( FOR:1P4 )
142.54038-Brush For:PJ-203A,206A,208A,214A
143.54240-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
145.54836-Hot Air Gun
147.56210-Heating Gun Nozzle
148.56275-Hot-air blower type TRIAC S machine
149.56281-T8 series soldering tip- SOP/16L
150.56861-Surface Nozzle(Spreads air over small areas, e.g. skis)
151.56867-Surface nozzle(Spreads air over wider area for drying, paint stripping, etc)
152.56891-Window Nozzle (Deflects to prevent overheating in narrow spots)
153.56893-Window Nozzle (Deflects to prevent panes of glass etc. from overheating)
154.56894-Reflector nozzle (For soldering and shrinkfitting soldering sleeves and shrink-on tubing)
155.56895-Reduction Nozzle(Pinpoint source of heat for de-soldering and for welding PVC)
156.56897-Reduction Nozzle(For a focused jet of heat, e.g. for edgebanding)
157.56898-Welding nozzle (For reduction nozzle 9mm only)/For working with plastic welding rod up to 6 mm in dia.
158.56925-Slit Nozzle (For reduction nozzle 9mm only)For welding tarpaulin, groundsheets etc.
159.56926-Soldering Reflector Nozzle(For soldering and shrinkfitting soldering sleeves and shrink-on tubing)
160.56927-Wide-Slit Nozzle (For reduction nozzle 14mm only)For welding tarpaulins.
161.56928-Hot Air Guns
162.56960-Hot Air Guns
163.56961-Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun
164.57072-Single Pipe Nozzle ∮4.4
165.57492-Heater For PJ-214A
167.57819-Heater 3000
168.58690-Heating Gun Nozzle
169.58691-44Pin PLCC Heating Gun Nozzle
170.60412-LEISTER Hotwind S Hot-Air Blower
172.61096-welding machine
173.61097-welding machine
174.61355-Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
176.61474-BAK_Hot Wedge Welder
177.61493-BAK_Hot Wedge Welder
178.61494-BAK_Hot Air Welding Gun
179.61495-BAK_Hot Air Welding Gun
180.61496-BAK_Hot Air Welding Machine
181.61499-BAK_Hot Wedge Welder
182.61500-BAK_Hot Air Welding Machine
183.61501-BAK_Hot Air Blower
186.61980-Heating Gun Nozzle
187.62409-Hot Air Guns
188.63416-Heat Gun
189.64472-ESD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
190.64474-Heating Gun Nozzle
191.64475-QFP Heating Gun Nozzle
192.64476-QFP Heating Gun Nozzle
193.65679-ISHIZAKI Heating Gun
194.66791-A1112 Nozzle
195.66792-A1115 Roller
196.68388-852D LCD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
198.69494-SOP Heating Gun Nozzle 7.5*15 mm
199.69496-Nozzle SOP 7.5*18mm(0.3*0.7)
200.69499-Nozzle QFP 40*40mm
201.69500-Nozzle BQFP 24*24mm
202.69624-Hoods For 626 And 850D Hot Air Station
203.69625-Hoods For 626 And 850D Hot Air Station
204.69626-Hoods For 626 And 850D Hot Air Station
205.72637-Weller_Heating Plate
206.72638-Weller_Heating Plate
207.73086-Heater For RJ-211T-110V
208.73201-Atten Hot Air Gun
209.73896-LF852D LCD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
210.74415-Air Pump: 50W Diaphragm
211.75848-QUICK_Rework Station
212.77210-HAKKO_Heater Supply
213.77667-HEATING GUN
215.79119-Nozzle PLCC 11.5*14mm
216.79937-HAKKO_For SMT Chip Rework
217.80447-Ceramic heater(For 626-SMD)
218.80882-PROXXON_MICRO Heat Gun MH550
219.88889-Complete IR Rework System for SMD and BGA's
220.89032-QFP Nozzle 10*10
221.89035-QFP Nozzle 14*14
222.89038-SOP Nozzle 7.6*12.7
223.92730-Heating Element
225.92769-Heater For 1600HLGE
227.93631-STEINEL_Tin Solder Nozzle
228.93787-850D Heating element
229.94054-850D Heating element
230.95103-Professional Heat Gun
231.95795-Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
232.97576-Hot-air blower type TRIAC S machine
233.98825-Digital thermostat antistatic soldering station
234.99933-Hot Air Gun
235.100255-Reduction Nozzle
236.102579-Weller_Digital 700W Hot Air Station with Built in Turbine
237.103530-SMD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
238.103621-Heating Gun FOR SR979
239.104801-Hot Air Gun
240.105974-PLCC 20熱風拆焊嘴
241.107200-Heat Gun
242.107317-Heater For 1600HLGE
243.107318-PCB FOR HLG-2000E
244.108232-FR810- Digital Hot Air Station
245.108454-SMD Hot Air Desoldering Iron Station
247.109624-Heater (For:L40800D-110V)
248.114342-Round Mouthpiece

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