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1.3833-32P Receptacle DIP Socket
2.3834-28P DIP Socket
3.3835-40P Black Gold Plated DIP Socket
4.6670-32P DIP Socket
5.7111-40P Receptacle DIP Socket
6.9930-16P DIP Socket
7.9931-24P DIP Socket
8.9932-32P DIP Socket
9.10227-28P DIP Socket
10.10261-42P DIP Socket
11.10303-64P DIP Socket
12.10337-48P Receptacle DIP Socket
13.10397-40P DIP Gold Socket
14.10803-FQP-208P Test Socket
15.11103-Clam Shell ZIF QFP
16.11104-ZIF PLCC 20Pins Socket
17.11147-28P Receptacle DIP Socket
18.11176-20P Test Socket
19.11177-20P Receptable DIP Socket
20.11180-24P Receptacle DIP Socket
21.11181-18P Receptacle DIP Socket
22.11401-SOJ Burn-In/Test Sockets
23.11404-PLCC Burn-In/Test Socket
24.11607-16P Receptacle DIP Socket
26.11654-TSOP 44Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
27.12139-64P Receptacle DIP Socket
28.12185-Clam Shell ZIF QFP 100Pins Socket
29.12197-22P Receptacle DIP Socket
30.12568-SOP Burn-In Test Socket
31.12603-24P DIP Socket
32.12673-FPQ-128P Test Socket
33.12941-32P DIP Socket
34.13319-3M DIP Socket (Gold Plated)
35.13425-40P DIP Socket
36.14008-SOP-8Pin -Mini SOP-8 Packge Wells
37.14290-QFP Test Socket
38.14323-FPQ-64 PCB Test Socket
39.14425-42P Receptacle DIP Socket
40.14512-42P Receptacle DIP Socket
42.14592-64P QFP-64P Test Sockets
43.14630-32P QFP Test Socket
44.14653-SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
45.14840-SOT-26 Socket
46.15136-28P DIP Socket
47.15137-24P DIP Socket
48.15138-20P DIP Socket
49.15139-18P DIP Socket
50.15140-16P DIP Socket
51.15141-14P DIP Socket
52.15142-32P DIP Socket
53.15143-40P Gold Plated DIP Socket
54.15144-28P DIP Socket
55.15145-42P DIP Socket
56.15146-56P DIP Socket
57.15526-144P QFP Socket
58.15917-SSOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
59.15987-44P Test Socket
60.15992-48P DIP Socket
61.16020-FOR FPQ-44-0.8-19 Sokets
62.16155-PLCC Burn-In/Test Socket With Two PCB
63.16486-PLCC 44P SOCKET
64.17045-40P TSOP Sockets
65.17046-For:IC51-0402-1174 PCB
66.17221-IC51-0482-2018 PCB
67.17227-TSOP Sockets
68.17558-YAMAICHI_QFP Sockets
69.17559-IC51-1284-1433-10 PC Boards
70.17640-TSOP-28 Tester Socket
71.18792-TSOP 32Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
72.19465-FPQ-128P Test Socket
73.19511-FOR IC51-1284-976-2
74.20072-PCB For : IC51-1284-1433-10 Socket
75.22253-Open Top Burn-in Socket
76.22340-OTS-56-0.5-01 PCB Boards
77.22444-Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
78.22445-SOP SOL SSOP TSOP Burn-In Socket
79.22446-PCB For Burn-In Socket
80.22639-OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
81.22641-TSOP to DIP ONE PIECE
83.25786-28P DIP Socket
84.26220-14P DIP Socket
85.27012-24P Receptacle DIP Socket
86.27064-48P QFP-64P Test Sockets
87.27483-100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
88.27516-144P QFP Socket
89.27517-IC51-1444-1354-7 Burn-In Board
90.28054-SOP-24 IC Test Socket
91.28777-FPQ-128P Test Socket
92.28957-SOP-16 IC Test Socket
93.29479-D2PAK SOCKET
94.29599-100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
95.30652-48P QFP Test Socket
96.30877-Burn-In Test Socket
97.31199-TSSOP 24Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
98.33659-SOT-26 PCB Socket
99.34629-40P Green Tin Plated DIP Socket
100.34998-3M Textool Zip DIP II Socket
101.38001-Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
102.38990-48P TSOP Test Sockets
103.39089-QFP-112P Test Socket
104.39095-QFP-32P Test Socket
105.39096-QFP-44P Test Socket
106.39097-QFP-48P Test Socket
107.39098-QFP-52P Test Socket
108.39099-QFP-64P Test Socket
109.39100-QFP-80P Test Socket
110.39101-QFP-80P Test Socket
111.39102-QFP-80P Test Socket
112.39103-QFP-100P Test Socket
113.39104-QFP-100P Test Socket
114.39105-112P QFP-112P Test Sockets
115.39106-100P QFP-120P Test Sockets
116.39107-120P QFP-120P Test Sockets
117.39109-120P QFP-128P Test Sockets
118.39110-120P QFP-128P Test Sockets
119.39227-Open Top Burn-in Socket
120.39266-64P QFP Burn-In Socket
121.39267-32P QFP Burn-In Socket
122.39269-24P QFP Burn-In Socket
123.39270-24P QFP Burn-In Socket
124.39275-SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
125.39291-QFP 44P SOCKET
126.39467-64P QFP-64P Test Sockets
127.40802-100P Burn-In Socket
128.40885-QFP-112P Test Socket
129.41674-QFP-100P IC Test socket
130.41709-QFP-80P IC Test socket
131.42001-TSOP-48 PCB Socket
133.43097-QFP-32P Burn-In Socket (Pitch:0.8)
137.45104-42P DIP Socket
138.45256-48P QFP Test Sockets
140.46618-FPQ-52P IC SOCKET
141.46684-28P-SOP Burn-In Socket
142.47110-Open Top Burn-in Socket
144.48646-with Floating 20P Pitch:0.65
145.49460-Open Top Burn-in Socket
146.49478-Open Top Burn-in Socket
147.49791-Block conversion meter (fold-away)
148.49794-YAMAICHI_IC testing Block
149.49808-ENPLAS_OTS SOP 8Pins Test Socket
150.49816-ENPLAS_OTS SOP 16Pins Test Socket
152.50293-ENPLAS_FOR QFN-20BT-0.5-01 Sokets
153.50802-QFP-256P Test Sockets
154.51134-ENPLAS_OTS SOP 16Pins Test Socket
155.51626-64P QFP-64P Test Sockets
156.51688-80P QFP Burn-In Socket
157.51690-For:IC51-0804-808 Sokets
158.51692-For:IC51-0562-1387 Sokets
159.51794-176P QFP adapter Block
160.52223-100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
161.52599-32P DIP Socket
162.52623-Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
163.52965-FPQ-128P Test Socket
164.53051-OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
165.53058-YAMAICHI 測試座
166.53488-QFP 44P SOCKET
167.53620- IC SOCKET
168.54388-FOR:SOD-523 socket
169.54478-IC Test Socket
171.56163-SSOP 10P SOCKET
172.56698-28P DIP Socket(Dual In-Line Packaging DIP Sockets)
173.56990-48P DIP Socket
174.57442-SOP-24P IC Test Socket
175.57525-LQFP Test Sockets 128P
176.57586-PLCC 52P IC Test Socket
178.58015-IC Test Socket
179.58479-IC Test Socket
181.58680-48P SOCKET
183.58978-Open Top Type Socket-IC/TSOP
184.58994-IC Test Socket
185.58995-SOP-24P IC Test Socket
186.59765-IC Test Socket
187.59766-PLCC 84P IC Test Socket
188.59963-40P DIP Socket
189.60030-48P SOCKET
190.60152-28P IC Sokets
191.60170-48P SOCKET+PCB
192.61763-48P IC Sokets
193.62610-SOP pitch:1.27mm PC Board
194.62611-SOP pitch:1.27mm PC Board
195.63172-Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
197.64383-YAMAICHI_IC testing Block 20*48.5mm
198.64494-YAMAICHI SOP-24 IC Test Socket
199.65518-40P DIP Socket tinned
200.65814-SSOP 14Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
201.66073-ENPLAS SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
202.66075-YAMAICHI 100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
203.66076-ENPLAS SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
204.66084-WELLS-CTI "Mid-Rise(R)"Dip Socket 2.54mm pitch, Dual Face-Wipe Contacts
205.66087-WELLS-CTI "Mid-Rise(R)"Dip Socket 2.54mm pitch, Dual Face-Wipe Contacts
206.66268-32P Test Socket
207.66297-ENPLAS_FOR QFN-20B-0.5-01 Sokets
208.66298-ENPLAS_FOR QFN-24BT-0.5-01 Sokets
209.66299-ENPLAS_FOR QFN-40BT-0.5-01 Sokets
210.66447-Super SOT Test Socket
211.66510-YAMAICHI QFP-44P轉接座(Pitch:0.8)
212.66532-YAMAICHI SOP-20 IC Test Socket
213.67165-28P IC Sokets
214.69146-SSOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
215.69490-TSSOP 24Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
216.69959-QFP 44P SOCKET
217.70624-SOP 8P SOCKET
218.70625-SOP 8P SOCKET
219.71421-ISP SO8 Test Clip
220.71935-SOP16Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
221.72702-YAMAICHI_Clamshell for SOP
222.72863-8P IC Sokets
224.73261-Clam Shell Type Socket
225.73318-YAMAICHI 100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
226.73478-IC Test Socket
227.73684-TO - 18 0.100" Diameter Pin Circle Device Sockets
228.74463-SOP-30P IC Test Socket
229.75247-PCB Adaptor
230.75255-Quad Fine Pitch NO Lead
231.75820-36P SOCKET
232.77237-PLCCTest Socket
233.77503-OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
234.79959-Open Top and clam shell style socket
235.79964-Gull Wing Socket
236.80446-SOT-26 SOCKET
237.80949-120P QFP-128P Test Sockets
238.83369-Open Top Type Socket-IC/TSOP
239.86012-QFP-64P Shoulder Contact Type
240.86417-ENPLAS_Quad Fine Pitch NO Lead
241.86420-YAMAICHI_64P/QFP Clamshell
242.86488-QFN Socket
243.87968-Open Top Burn-in Socket
244.87969-Open Top Burn-in Socket
245.87972-Open Top Type Socket
246.88092-SOP-16 IC Test Socket
247.88093-SOP-16 IC Test Socket
248.88536-QFP-64P Shoulder Contact Type
249.89519-IC Test Socket
250.90581-SSOP ZIF 20P SOCKET P:0.65mm
251.90894-Quad flat package,gullwing lead
252.91465-OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
253.91747-Open Top Burn-in Socket

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