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   45.   Sockets & Accessories

       19、IC Test Clips → DIP IC Test Clip Series

13342  TC-28.3   41723  ITC-8A   IC TST CLIP 57569  TC-20N   DIP IC Test Clip 300 Wide
25836  TC-8-N   DIP IC Test Clip 90005  TC-24.3I   TIN IC TEST CLIP 9887  TC-28-I   DIP IC Test Clip
47958  TC-28-N   DIP IC Test Clip 86872  923690-16   DIP IC Test Clip Series 86313  923690-14   14-PIN TEST CLIP ALLOY DIP .30"
27937  923739-14   DIP IC Test Clip Series 48224  ITC-14A   IC TST CLIP 48226  ITC-18A   IC TST CLIP
48227  ITC-20A   IC TST CLIP 48228  ITC-22A   IC TST CLIP 48229  ITC-24A   IC TST CLIP
48230  ITC-28A   IC TST CLIP 48231  ITC-36A   IC TST CLIP 48232  ITC-40A   IC TST CLIP
48233  ITC-48A   IC TST CLIP 48234  ITC-64A   IC TST CLIP 2186  TC-40-I   DIP IC Test Clip
9926  TC-32-I-GOLD   9928  TC-14-N   DIP IC 測試夾 9929  TC-18-I   DIP IC 測試夾
9884  TC-16-I   DIP IC 測試夾 9888  TC-20-I   DIP IC Test Clip 9890  TC-24-I   DIP IC Test Clip
8277  TC-8-I   DIP IC Test Clip 48225  ITC-16A   IC TST CLIP

       20、IC Test Clips → SOIC Test Clip Series

7573  923660-28   SOIC Test Clip .300 BODY 7583  923665-20   SOIC Test Clip .300 BODY 9889  TC-16-SO-NARROW   窄SOIC 測試夾 FOR .150"(3.81mm)
9893  923660-18   SOIC Test Clip .300 BODY-ALLOY 89929  923650-14   14Pins SOIC Test Clip 9894  TC-14-SO-NARROW   窄SOIC 測試夾 FOR .150"(3.81mm)-ALLOY
5509  923660-24   寬SOIC 測試夾 .300 BODY 86317  923655-14   14-PIN TEST CLIP GOLD SOIC .15" 86316  923665-16   16-PIN TEST CLIP GOLD SOIC .30"
9927  TC-8-SO-NARROW   窄 SOIC測試夾 10668  923660-16   GOLD SOIC Test Clip .300 BODY

       21、IC Test Clips → PLCC IC Test Clip Series

9881  TC-84-SM-GOLD   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-GOLD 9883  TC-44-SM-GOLD   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-GOLD 9891  TC-28-SM-GOLD   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-GOLD
9892  TC-68-SM   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-ALLOY 10669  TC-20-SM-GOLD   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-GOLD 10670  TC-52-SM-GOLD   PLCC .050 IC Test Clip-GOLD

       22、Test and Burn-In Sockets → PLCC Burn-In/Test Socket

14530  IC53-0484-100   SOCKET-LCC48-YAMAICHI 11104  PLCC-20   ZIF PLCC 20Pins Socket 16155  PLCC32PIN453PCB   PLCC Burn-In/Test Socket With Two PCB
77237  IC51-0684-390-1   PLCCTest Socket 11404  PLCC-68   PLCC Burn-In/Test Socket 23282  IC120-0324-309   YAMAICHI PLCC SOCKET
44824  IC120-0444-306   YAMAICHI PLCC SOCKET 44825  IC120-0684-304   YAMAICHI PLCC SOCKET 57586  IC51-0524-411-1   PLCC 52P IC Test Socket
39291  IC51-0444-467   QFP 44P SOCKET 45016  IC120-0844-203   YAMAICHI PLCC SOCKET 30652  IC51-0484-806   48P QFP Test Socket
16486  IC51-0444-400   PLCC 44P SOCKET 47952  IC120-0284-408   YAMAICHI 53058  IC120-0204-205   YAMAICHI 測試座
11653  PLCC32DIP-32-Y   YAMAICHI PLCC 48006  IC51-0324-453   YAMAICHI 57728  IC53-0444-306   SOCKET-LCC48-YAMAICHI
59766  PCI-084050-003   PLCC 84P IC Test Socket

       23、Test and Burn-In Sockets → SOP/SSOP/TSOP Burn-In Sockets

17640  A08-0032-17   TSOP-28 Tester Socket 57442  IC51-0242-269-1   SOP-24P IC Test Socket 58995  IC51-0282-334-1-上+下轉接板   SOP-24P IC Test Socket
63172  PCB30PINSOP065-1(下板)   Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP 56163  656-0102211   SSOP 10P SOCKET 58994  IC51-0282-334-1   IC Test Socket
58978  OTS-48-0.5-03   Open Top Type Socket-IC/TSOP 79964  04337-161-6215   Gull Wing Socket 66073  OTS-28-1.27-01A   ENPLAS SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
83369  OTS-48-0.5-12   Open Top Type Socket-IC/TSOP 62611  PCBSODIP-1 下板   SOP pitch:1.27mm PC Board 62610  PCBSODIP上板   SOP pitch:1.27mm PC Board
65814  OTS-14(28)-0.65-01   SSOP 14Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 20683  OTS-16-1.27-03   Open Top Burn-in Socket 42001  PCBE48PINSOP2018   TSOP-48 PCB Socket
63173  PCB30PINSOP065(上板)   PCB/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP 22445  FP-28-1.27-08A   SOP SOL SSOP TSOP Burn-In Socket 22444  FP-24-1.27-08   Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
22340  PCB56PINTSOP05+051   OTS-56-0.5-01 PCB Boards 14008  656-1082211   SOP-8Pin -Mini SOP-8 Packge Wells 17227  IC51-0482-2018   TSOP Sockets
38001  FP-20-1.27-06   Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP 11654  OTS-44-0.8-09   TSOP 44Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 75247  OTS-20-1.27-01 PCB(上板)   PCB Adaptor
91872  OTS-48-0.5-08-PCB   For TSOP-48P Burn-in Socket PCB 28054  IC51-0242-793   SOP-24 IC Test Socket 17045  IC51-0402-1174   40P TSOP Sockets
71935  OTS-16-0.65-01+CNV-SSOP-16   SOP16Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 45298  OTS-8(28)-0.65-01   SOCKET DIMENSIONS 52623  FP-24-0.65-01A   Applicable IC/SOP SOL SSOP TSOP
49794  IC51-0562-1387   YAMAICHI_IC testing Block 33659  PCB026SOT   SOT-26 PCB Socket 49820  OTS-86-0.5-04   N
49816  OTS-16-1.27-04   ENPLAS_OTS SOP 16Pins Test Socket 49808  OTS-8(16)-1.27-03   ENPLAS_OTS SOP 8Pins Test Socket 49478  OTS-32-0.5-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket
49460  OTS-20/28-0.65-1   Open Top Burn-in Socket 12568  FP-16-0.65-01   SOP Burn-In Test Socket 69146  OTS-28(34)-0.65-01   SSOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
51134  OTS-16(28)-1.27-04   ENPLAS_OTS SOP 16Pins Test Socket 22641  PCBE048PINTSOP05   TSOP to DIP ONE PIECE 22253  OTS-56-0.5-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket
91465  980020-48-01   OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS 46684  FP-28-1.27-07   28P-SOP Burn-In Socket 74463  IC51-0302-755   SOP-30P IC Test Socket
88093  IC51-0162-271-3   SOP-16 IC Test Socket 64494  IC51-0242-761   YAMAICHI SOP-24 IC Test Socket 51692  PCBE56PINSOP1387   For:IC51-0562-1387 Sokets
19511  PCBE128PINQFP976   FOR IC51-1284-976-2 69490  OTS-24-0.65-01+CNV-SSOP-24   TSSOP 24Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 71421  ISP-TC-8   ISP SO8 Test Clip
17046  A-40-1174   For:IC51-0402-1174 PCB 90581  656C1202211-001   SSOP ZIF 20P SOCKET P:0.65mm 53051  OTS-48-0.5-02   OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
47110  OTS-20-1.27-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket 22639  OTS-48-0.5-01   OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS 88092  IC51-0162-271-1   SOP-16 IC Test Socket
39275  OTS-28-1.27-04   SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 39227  OTS-34-0.65-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket 38990  IC191-0482-004   48P TSOP Test Sockets
17221  SOP48PIN2018PCB   IC51-0482-2018 PCB 14840  04334-121-6215   SOT-26 Socket 72702  IC51-1387.KS-15186   YAMAICHI_Clamshell for SOP
64383  IC51-0562-2144   YAMAICHI_IC testing Block 20*48.5mm 31199  OTS-24-0.65-01   TSSOP 24Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 77503  980020-48-02   OPEN TOP TYPE Burn-in SOCKETS
54794  OTS-8(24)-0.65-01   SOCKET 18792  OTS-32-0.5-01   TSOP 32Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 28957  IC51-0162-1042   SOP-16 IC Test Socket
30877  FP-16-1.27-05   Burn-In Test Socket 66532  IC51-0202-779   YAMAICHI SOP-20 IC Test Socket 14653  OTS-28-0.635-02   SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket
17559  QFP128PIN1433PC   IC51-1284-1433-10 PC Boards 15917  OTS-28-0.65-01   SSOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 48646  FP-20-0.65-01A   with Floating 20P Pitch:0.65
68798  OTS-20-1.27-04   70625  652C0082211W003   SOP 8P SOCKET 70624  652B0082211-002   SOP 8P SOCKET

       24、Test and Burn-In Sockets → SOJ Burn-In Sockets

11401  IC107-4204-G   SOJ Burn-In/Test Sockets

       25、Test and Burn-In Sockets → QFP/FPQ Burn-In/Test Sockets

66076  OTS-28-1.27-23   ENPLAS SOP 28Pins Open Top Burn-in Socket 58756  QP1-080050-147   BURN IN TEST SOCKET 58676  QP1-100040-287   BURN IN TEST SOCKET
41674  OTQ-100-0.65-05   QFP-100P IC Test socket 40802  IC51-1004-809   100P Burn-In Socket 41709  OTQ-80-0.5-02   QFP-80P IC Test socket
61763  48QN50T17070   48P IC Sokets 40885  FPQ-44-0.8-16A   QFP-112P Test Socket 52965  FPQ-128-0.8-02   FPQ-128P Test Socket
46618  FPQ-52-1.0-05   FPQ-52P IC SOCKET 66075  IC51-1004-809-23   YAMAICHI 100P QFP-100P Test Sockets 11103  QFP-144   Clam Shell ZIF QFP
15526  IC51-1444-1014-3   144P QFP Socket 27483  IC51-1004-814-2+QFP100PCB-E   100P QFP-100P Test Sockets 91747  OTS-20(34)-0.65-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket
89519  FPQ-100-0.5-10A   IC Test Socket 15987  FPQ-44-0.8-19   44P Test Socket 16020  FPQ-44-0.8-19-PCB   FOR FPQ-44-0.8-19 Sokets
16143  FPQ-44-0.8-19-PCB-上板   FOR FPQ-44-0.8-19 Sokets 75255  QFN-28(36)BT-0.5-02   Quad Fine Pitch NO Lead 12185  QFP100PIN814   Clam Shell ZIF QFP 100Pins Socket
14290  FPQ-64-0.8-10A   QFP Test Socket 14323  FPQ-64-PCB   FPQ-64 PCB Test Socket 22446  SO-DIP-PCB   PCB For Burn-In Socket
51626  IC51-0644-820-1   64P QFP-64P Test Sockets 58015  FPQ-100-065-16A   IC Test Socket 57525  IC51-1284-1702   LQFP Test Sockets 128P
12673  FPQ-128-0.5-03A   FPQ-128P Test Socket 28777  FPQ-128-0.5-08   FPQ-128P Test Socket 27516  IC51-1444-1354-7   144P QFP Socket
45256  FPQ-48-0.5-06   48P QFP Test Sockets 88536  IC234-1004-023   QFP-64P Shoulder Contact Type 39096  OTQ-44-0.8-04   QFP-44P Test Socket
39098  OTQ-52-0.65-03   QFP-52P Test Socket 39100  OTQ-80-0.5-05   QFP-80P Test Socket 39102  OTQ-88-0.65-05   QFP-80P Test Socket
39104  OTQ-100-0.65-22   QFP-100P Test Socket 39106  IC51-1204-1812   100P QFP-120P Test Sockets 39110  IC51-1284-1433   120P QFP-128P Test Sockets
53488  IC51-0444-798   QFP 44P SOCKET 87968  OTS-24(34)-0.65-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket 39109  IC51-1284-844   120P QFP-128P Test Sockets
39270  IC51-0242-270-3   24P QFP Burn-In Socket 87969  OTS-20(28)-0.65-01   Open Top Burn-in Socket 52223  IC51-1004-958-2   100P QFP-100P Test Sockets
53620  FPQ-52-0.65-04   IC SOCKET 39089  OTQ-112-0.65-02   QFP-112P Test Socket 39095  OTQ-32-0.8-02   QFP-32P Test Socket
39097  OTQ-48-0.5-03   QFP-48P Test Socket 20072  IC51-1284-1433   PCB For : IC51-1284-1433-10 Socket 39101  OTQ-80-0.65-05   QFP-80P Test Socket
39099  OTQ-64-0.65-04   QFP-64P Test Socket 39103  OTQ-100-0.5-11   QFP-100P Test Socket 39105  IC51-1124-1036-2   112P QFP-112P Test Sockets
73243  QP1-064040-244   39107  IC51-1497-KS11444   120P QFP-120P Test Sockets 17558  IC51-1284-1433-10   YAMAICHI_QFP Sockets
51690  PCBE80PINQFP808   For:IC51-0804-808 Sokets 51688  IC51-0804-808   80P QFP Burn-In Socket 39467  IC51-0644-807   64P QFP-64P Test Sockets
51794  IC51-1764-1995-6   176P QFP adapter Block 39269  IC51-0242-270-1   24P QFP Burn-In Socket 39265  IC51-1444-1354-7   144P QFP轉接座
39266  IC51-0644-824-X   64P QFP Burn-In Socket 86420  IC51-0644-820-2   YAMAICHI_64P/QFP Clamshell 19465  FPQ-128-0.8-05   FPQ-128P Test Socket
39267  IC51-0324-1498   32P QFP Burn-In Socket 86417  QFN-32(40)B-0.5-02   ENPLAS_Quad Fine Pitch NO Lead 27517  PCB-E   IC51-1444-1354-7 Burn-In Board
29599  IC51-1004-814-2   100P QFP-100P Test Sockets 86012  IC234-0644-027   QFP-64P Shoulder Contact Type 14592  IC51-0644-820-5   64P QFP-64P Test Sockets
50802  IC51-2564-1688-6   QFP-256P Test Sockets 49791  IC51-1004-814-1   Block conversion meter (fold-away) 14630  IC51-0324-1498   32P QFP Test Socket
42825  IC51-1004-395   BumperQuadFlatPackage(BQFP) 27064  FPQ-48-0.5-6+FPQ-48-0.5-6-PCB   48P QFP-64P Test Sockets 54478  FPQ-64-0.5-06   IC Test Socket
69959  IC51-0444-825   QFP 44P SOCKET 50293  QFN-20BT-0.5-01   ENPLAS_FOR QFN-20BT-0.5-01 Sokets 66510  IC234-0444-037   YAMAICHI QFP-44P轉接座(Pitch:0.8)
10803  FPQ-208-0.5-09   FQP-208P Test Socket 80949  IC51-1284-976-1   120P QFP-128P Test Sockets 73478  OTQ-100-0.5-09   IC Test Socket
73318  IC51-1004-809-203   YAMAICHI 100P QFP-100P Test Sockets 43097  IC234-0324-044P   QFP-32P Burn-In Socket (Pitch:0.8) 73261  FPQ-44-0.8-17   Clam Shell Type Socket
66299  QFN-40BT-0.5-01   ENPLAS_FOR QFN-40BT-0.5-01 Sokets 59765  FPQ-240-0.5-03   IC Test Socket 58479  FPQ-80-0.4-01   IC Test Socket
66297  QFN-20B-0.5-01   ENPLAS_FOR QFN-20B-0.5-01 Sokets 66298  QFN-24BT-0.5-01   ENPLAS_FOR QFN-24BT-0.5-01 Sokets 90894  IC51-1004-1919-2   Quad flat package,gullwing lead

       26、Test and Burn-In Sockets → Universal ZIF Sockets

56990  248-6182   48P DIP Socket 59963  240-1290-00   40P DIP Socket 11171  224-5248-00-0602J   24P DIP Socket
7109  216-3340-00-0602J   16P DIP Socket 11176  220-3342-00-0602J   20P Test Socket 15145  242-1293-00   42P DIP Socket
15146  256-1293-00   56P DIP Socket 15144  228-1290-00   28P DIP Socket 10303  264-1300-00-0602J   64P DIP Socket
25786  228-6023-00-0602J   28P DIP Socket 15992  248-1321-00-0602J   48P DIP Socket 12603  224-5248-00-0602J   24P DIP Socket
52599  232-1291-00-0602J   32P DIP Socket 3835  SL-1001-40P-11   40P Black Gold Plated DIP Socket 3834  228-1371-00-0602J   28P DIP Socket
3836  248-1321-00-0602   48P DIP Socket 3837  218-3341-00-0602J   DIP Socket 45104  242-1289-00-0602J   42P DIP Socket
15140  216-3345-NARROW   16P DIP Socket 12941  1CDIP002   32P DIP Socket 6670  232-1287-00-0602J   32P DIP Socket
13425  1CDIP001   40P DIP Socket 2732  216-3340-00-0602J   16P DIP Socket 10227  228-1290-00-0602J   28P DIP Socket
9930  216-3340-00-0602J   16P DIP Socket 9933  TX-28 SG.3-6(同#3834)   28P DIP Socket 10261  242-1293-00-0602J   42P DIP Socket
9932  232-1287-00-0602J   32P DIP Socket 9931  224-1286-00-0602J   24P DIP Socket 13319  242-1281-00-0602J   3M DIP Socket (Gold Plated)
65518  240-3345   40P DIP Socket tinned 10397  240-1288-00-0602J   40P DIP Gold Socket 15136  228-3345-NARROW   28P DIP Socket
15137  224-3345-NARROW   24P DIP Socket 56698  228-6182   28P DIP Socket(Dual In-Line Packaging DIP Sockets) 15138  220-3345-NARROW   20P DIP Socket
15139  218-3345-NARROW   18P DIP Socket 15141  214-3345-NARROW   14P DIP Socket 15142  232-6182-UNIVERSAL   32P DIP Socket
34998  264-4493-00-0602J   3M Textool Zip DIP II Socket 15143  240-6182-10   40P Gold Plated DIP Socket 34629  240-6182-00   40P Green Tin Plated DIP Socket

       27、Test and Burn-In Sockets → Receptacles For DIP Sockets

12139  264-1300-09-0602J   64P Receptacle DIP Socket 66084  613-7402316   WELLS-CTI "Mid-Rise(R)"Dip Socket 2.54mm pitch, Dual Face-Wipe Contacts 11177  220-3342-00-0602J   20P Receptable DIP Socket
11179  216-3340-19-0602J   16P Receptacle DIP Socket 11181  218-3341-00-0602J   18P Receptacle DIP Socket 66087  613-0162316   WELLS-CTI "Mid-Rise(R)"Dip Socket 2.54mm pitch, Dual Face-Wipe Contacts
7111  240-1280-19-0602J   40P Receptacle DIP Socket 11147  228-1277-19-0602J   28P Receptacle DIP Socket 11178  218-3594-00-0605   18P Receptacle DIP Socket
12197  222-3343-19-0602J   22P Receptacle DIP Socket 26220  214-3339-19-0206   14P DIP Socket 14425  242-1281-19-0602J   42P Receptacle DIP Socket
3833  232-1285-39-0602J   32P Receptacle DIP Socket 11180  224-1275-19-0602J   24P Receptacle DIP Socket 10337  248-1282-19-0602J   48P Receptacle DIP Socket
27012  224-5240-19-0602J   24P Receptacle DIP Socket 14512  242-1293-09-0602J   42P Receptacle DIP Socket 11607  216-3340-19-0602J   16P Receptacle DIP Socket

       28、Test and Burn-In Sockets → Other Sockets

58680  777A1048-102   48P SOCKET 66268  03723-331-6218B   32P Test Socket 79959  04253-041-6217   Open Top and clam shell style socket
67165  28QN50TS14040   28P IC Sokets 60030  648-0482211-SA01   48P SOCKET 87972  OTB-256-0.8-46   Open Top Type Socket
60152  28QN50K15050   28P IC Sokets 60170  648-0482211-SA01+PCB   48P SOCKET+PCB 86488  68QN40S18080   QFN Socket
29479  03660-031-6215   D2PAK SOCKET 54388  4327-081   FOR:SOD-523 socket 73684  612-1042314   TO - 18 0.100" Diameter Pin Circle Device Sockets
66447  04330-061-6217   Super SOT Test Socket 80446  SMT-21320   SOT-26 SOCKET 75820  36LQ50S16060   36P SOCKET
72863  08QN50T43020   8P IC Sokets

       29、Chiptool Testing Socket Adaptors → PLCC to DIP PCB Adaptors

6564  PC-843   11151  CV18-PLCC-1.27-84P   PLCC(1.27mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor 12587  PLCC68PIN390PCB   PLCC to DIP PCB Adaptors

       30、Chiptool Testing Socket Adaptors → QFP to DIP PCB Adaptors

90895  PCBE100PINQFP1919   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor 10871  FPQ-208-0.5-09 轉接板   QFP 208Pin to DIP PCB Adaptor 12789  QFP240L   QFP 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor
12186  PCBE100PINQFP814   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor 14593  QFP-64PINPCB(820)   IC51-0644-820-5 to DIP PCB Adaptor 16469  1MC05-381   QFP(0.8mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor
16468  QFP144LC   QFP(0.5mm Pitch) to DIP PCB 47137  PCBE208PINQFP05   FQP-208P Test Socket 7494  QFP168LC   QFP 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor
12113  PC-646   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.778mm89Lx48Wmm 8054  QFP136NC   QFP(0.8mm Pitch) to DIP PCB 8053  QFP160MC   QFP(0.65mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor
4801  PC-162   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor 71.4mmL*71.4mmW 53626  FPQ-44-0.8-14C-下板   For:FPQ-44-0.8-14C Socket PCB 53625  FPQ-44-0.8-14C-上板   For:FPQ-44-0.8-14C Socket PCB
53628  IC51-0324-1498-下板   For:IC51-0324-1498 Socket PCB 6572  PC-645   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.78mm89mmL*48mmW 6403  CV18-QFP-0.5-208P   QFP(0.5mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor
12788  QFP208L   QFP 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 28778  PCB128PINQFP03   QFP to DIP PCB 53904  PCBE100PINQFP809   QFP to DIP PCB Adaptor
84037  PCBE44PINQFP825/467-上板   For IC51-0444-825/467 Socket PCB 14066  QFP48L   QFP 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 11152  CV18-QFP-0.65-160P   QFP(0.65mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor
11154  CV18-QFP-0.8-120P   QFP(0.8mm-Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor 66281  FPQ-48-05-06-下板   FOR:FPQ-48-05-06 66280  FPQ-48-05-06-上板   FOR:FPQ-48-05-06
53627  IC51-0324-1498-上板   For:IC51-0324-1498 Socket PCB 53489  PCBE64PINQFP807   PCB Adaptor

       31、Chiptool Testing Socket Adaptors → SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptors

10384  SO26PC   SOIC 1.27mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 10382  SO26LC   SOIC 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 10393  SO52PA   SO52Pin 1.27mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor
10395  SO52MC   SOIC 0.65mm PITCH to DIP PCB or 10391  SO32PA   SO32Pin 1.27mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 12271  SO48LC   SOIC to DIP PCB 0.5mm PITCH
10392  SO52OC   SOIC to DIP PCB 1.0mm Pitch 8059  SO26NA   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 0.8mm PITCH 10394  SO44PC   SOIC to DIP PCB P:1.27mm
10385  SO26OC   SOIC-DIP 1.0mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor 16640  SO26LA   3mmSOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 0.5mm PITCH 81147  PC-82   Converts SOP IC 0.8 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch
81144  PC-64   Converts SOP IC 0.65 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81143  PC-63   Converts SOP IC 0.635 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 11150  SODIPPCB-1   28P SOIC Socket-DIP PCB Adaptor
8058  SO26MC停產   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 0.65mm PITCH 78014  PC-61   Converts SOP IC 0.65 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 7492  SO52LA   SO52Pin 0.5mm PITCH to DIP PCB Adaptor
7491  SO52NA   SO52Pin 0.8mm Pitch to DIP PCB Adaptor 81710  PC-102   Converts SOP IC 1.0mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81709  PC-101   Converts SOP IC 1.0mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch
81708  PC-123   Converts SOP IC 1.27 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81706  PC-81   Converts SOP IC 0.8 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81705  PC-121   Converts SOP IC 1.27 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch
81699  PC-53   Converts SOP IC 0.5 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81698  PC-51   Converts SOP IC 0.5 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81697  PC-41   Converts SOP IC 0.4 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch
81696  PC-62   Converts SOP IC 0.65 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81695  PC-84   Converts SOP IC 0.8 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81694  PC-52   Converts SOP IC 0.5 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch
81692  PC-83   Converts SOP IC 0.8 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 81707  PC-122   Converts SOP IC 1.27 mm pitch into 2.54 mm pitch 3993  RSMD40   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.27mm SMD 40AB
13211  SO26MA   3mmSOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 0.65mm PITCH 14067  1MC10-01   SOIC P:0.5mm 64P to DIP PCB 35864  SO-DIP28下   28 SO-DIP Recptacles PCB Adaptors
11149  SODIPPCB   28P SOIC Socket to DIP PCB Adaptor for Test Socket 35863  SO-DIP28上   28 SO-DIP Recptacles PCB Adaptors 3995  RSMD20   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.27mm 20PINS
3994  RSMD8   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.27mm 8PINS 3992  RSMD-28B   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.27mm 28B 3991  RSMD16   SOIC to DIP PCB Adaptor 1.27mm16pins
20434  SSO28L   SSOP To DIP 0.5mm Pitch PCB Adaptor

       32、Chiptool Testing Socket Adaptors → PCB Adaptors

15918  OTS-28-0.65-01-PCB   For OTS-28-0.65-01 Burn-in Socket PCB 61995  PCBE16PINSOP03   PCB Adaptor(for OTS-8(16)-1.27-03) 61764  QFN-48P轉接板   For 48QN50T17070 Socket PCB
35918  CTP086-140DB PCB-E   35919  CTP054-136ABB   WELLS-CTI_PCB SOCKETS 66282  QFN-32P-0.5轉接板(上板)   PCB Adaptor
11153  CV18-RFP-0.8-80P   RFP(0.8mm Pitch) PCB Adaptor 82909  PCB16PINSOP04   PCB Adaptor (for OTS-16-1.27-04) 14065  RFP128L   RFP 0.5mm PITCH PCB Adaptor
12188  RFP44100M   RFP44-100PIN-0.65mm PCB Adaptor 83731  FP-16-1.27-05_轉接板   For:FP-16-1.27-05 Socket PCB 53624  OTS-34-0.65-01-PCB-下板   For OTS-34-0.65-01 Socket PCB
53630  IC51-0562-1387-下板   For:IC51-0562-1387 Socket PCB 39228  P-OTS-34-0.65-01-S   Adapter 39229  OTS-34-0.65-01-PCB-上板   For OTS-34-0.65-01 Socket PCB
53629  IC51-0562-1387-上板   For:IC51-0562-1387 Socket PCB 5210  CV18-RFP-0.65-100P   RFP-100Pins 0.65mm Pitch PCB Adaptor 7493  RFP640C   RFP64Pins P:1.0mm PCB
86638  PCB48PINQFP806-上板   PCB Adaptor 18793  OTS-32-0.5-01-PCB-E   IS0010-TV32-00(Open Top) FOR OTS-32-0.5-0.1 PCB-E 71005  PCB10PIN   PCB Adaptor(For656-0102211)
8056  RFP84NC   RFP(0.8mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor 8057  RFP100MC   RFP(0.65mm Pitch) to DIP PCB Adaptor 77030  PCB16PINSOP03   PCB Adaptor (for OTS-16-1.27-03 )
8334  OTS-28-0.635-02-PCB   PCB For OTS-28-0.635-02 Burn-in Socket 68661  OTS-20-1.27-04 PCB(上板)   PCB Adaptor 54795  PCBE24PINSOPOTS01   PCB Adaptor(for:OTS-24-0.65-01)
19209  1MC04-56   PCB Adaptor

       33、IC Lead Setting Tool → IC Lead Setting Tool

8553  ICS-01   IC Lead Setting Tool

       34、SIMM Sockets → SIMM Sockets

4157  SIMM 排座30*2   SIMM Socket 4199  D29   SIMM Socket 17256  B57-1   DDR SOCKET CONN

       35、SIMM Sockets → DIMM Sockets

4210  DIMM 168P-52130   DIMM Sockets 12384  B57   SOLT DIMM Sockets


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