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1.3210-H Series Clock Oscillators
2.4521-H Series Clock Oscillators
3.6906-H Series Clock Oscillators
4.6907-H Series Clock Oscillator
5.6910-H Series Clock Oscillators
6.6920-H Series Clock Oscillators
7.6922-H Series Clock Oscillators
8.6923-H Series Clock Oscillators
9.6930-H Series Clock Oscillators
10.6933-H Series Clock Oscillators
11.6934-H Series Clock Oscillators
12.6935-H Series Clock Oscillators
13.6938-H Series Clock Oscillators
14.6948-H Series Clock Oscillators
15.6958-H Series Clock Oscillators
16.11226-Quartz Crystal Unit
17.11673-H Series Clock Oscillators
18.12974-O.S.C 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators
19.13063-H Series Clock Oscillator
20.13064-H Series Clock Oscillators
21.13066-H Series Clock Oscillators
22.13306-H Series Clock Oscillators
23.13308-H Series Clock Oscillators
24.13313-H Series Clock Oscillators
25.13314-H Series Clock Oscillator
26.13315-H Series Clock Oscillators
27.13350-H Series Clock Oscillators
28.13400-H Series Clock Oscillators
29.13401-H Series Clock Oscillators
30.13402-H Series Clock Oscillators
31.13473-H Series Clock Oscillators
32.13474-H Series Clock Oscillators
33.13478-H Series Clock Oscillators
34.13719-O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators
35.15724-MEC_SMD Quartz Crystal
36.15725-SMD Quartz Crystal
37.15726-SMD Quartz Crystal
38.15728-SMD Quartz Crystal
39.16842-H Series Clock Oscillators
40.16911-SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
41.19786-H Series Clock Oscillators
42.23208-SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
46.23327-SMD Quartz Crystal
47.23331-SMD Quartz Crystal
48.23333-SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
49.23346-SMD Quartz Crystal
51.28534-SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
52.28721-Quartz Crystal Unit
53.29022-H Series Clock Oscillators
54.32350-SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
55.33439-Quartz Crystal Units
56.40234-SMD Quartz Crystal Units
57.40824-H Series Clock Oscillators
58.41087-MEC_SMD Quartz Crystal
59.41208-H Series Clock Oscillators
60.41210-H Series Clock Oscillators
61.41312-H Series Clock Oscillators
62.45648-H Series Clock Oscillators
63.46115-H Series Clock Oscillator
64.48017-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
65.48018-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
66.48020-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
67.48021-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
68.48022-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
69.48023-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
70.48024-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
71.48025-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
72.48027-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
73.48028-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
74.48029-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
75.48041-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
76.48042-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
77.48043-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
78.48044-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
79.48045-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
80.48046-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
81.48047-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
82.48048-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
83.48049-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
84.48050-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
85.48051-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
86.48052-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
87.48053-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
88.48054-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
89.48055-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
90.48056-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
91.48057-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
92.48058-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
93.48059-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
94.48060-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
95.48061-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
96.48062-5*3.2 Surface Mount Crystal
97.48300-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
98.48302-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
99.48304-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
100.48305-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
101.48306-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
102.48307-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
103.48308-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
104.48309-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
105.48310-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
106.48311-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
107.48312-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
108.48313-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
109.48314-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
110.48315-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
111.48316-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
112.48317-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
113.48318-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
114.48319-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
115.48320-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
116.48321-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
117.48322-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
118.48323-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
119.48324-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
120.48325-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
121.48326-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
122.48327-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
123.48328-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
124.48329-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
125.48330-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
126.48331-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
127.51747-Quartz Crystal Unit
128.51798-Quartz Crystal Unit
129.51799-Quartz Crystal Units
130.51800-Quartz Crystal Unit
131.52023-Quartz Crystal Unit
132.52151-Quartz Crystal Unit
133.56455-H Series Clock Oscillators
134.56456-H Series Clock Oscillators
135.56457-H Series Clock Oscillators
136.58766-SMD Quartz Crystal
137.62524-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
138.86644-SWO Series Clock Oscillator
139.102410-H Series Clock Oscillators
140.106913-SWO Series Clock Oscillator

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