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   42.   Timing Function IC

       1¡BCeramic Resonators ¡÷ Ceramic Resonators

78188  AWSCR-40.00CW-T   2.5 x 2.0 x 1.2mm BUILT-IN CAPACITANCE CERAMIC RESONATOR 78187  CSTCE20M0V53Z-R0   CER RESONATOR 20.0MHZ SMD 83110  EFO-SS4004E5   Ceramic Resonator

       2¡BCounters / Drivers ¡÷ Counters / Drivers

82132  CDCVF2310PW   2.5-V TO 3.3-V HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLOCK BUFFER 52769  CDCVF2505PWR   3.3-V Clock Phase Lock-Loop Clock Driver 4049  ICM7217AIPI   A 4-digit presettable up/down decade counter

       3¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ TTL/HCMOS Crystal Clock Oscillators

13312  OSC80.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 83294  MCO-1510B-24.000MHZ   TTG/HCMOS Crstal Oscillator 3328  OSC40.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
6954  OSC2.4576M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 6952  OSC35.500M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 6955  OSC16.257M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
6957  OSC3.6864M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 6921  OSC20.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 52913  OSC66M-FULL   Crystal Clock Oscillators
6939  OSC28.322M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 6931  OSC50.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 6929  OSC66.667M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
86800  MCO-1510A-20.000MHZ   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 12031  OSC5.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators 7857  OSC24.000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
24085  MCO-1510A-10.000MHz   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 87398  MCO-1510A-6.000MHz   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 87399  MCO-1510A-11.0592MHZ   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator
13065  OSC9.6000M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillator 33039  DS32KHZ-N   DALLAS_32.768kHz Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator 28467  OSC27.000M-FULL-3.3V   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
56729  OSC26.000MHz-FULL-3.3V   JCO-Series_HCMOS (TTL compatible) Oscillator 64288  MCO-1510A-1.000MHZ   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 28104  OSC11.0592M-FULL   14 Pins TTL Crystal Oscillator
58522  MCO-1510A-32.000MHz   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator

       4¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ TTL/HCMOS Crystal Clock Oscillators

13309  OSC20.000M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators 13307  OSC5.000M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators 6908  OSC16.257M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators
6940  OSC25.175M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators 6916  OSC10.000M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators 13475  OSC22.118M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators
87397  MCO-1500B-40.000MHZ   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 13472  OSC3.6864M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators 3358  OSC16.257M-HALF   14 Pins TTL Crystal Clock Oscillators
87684  MCO-1500A-80.000MHz   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 87685  MCO-1500A-60.000MHz   TTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillator 4938  OSC12.000M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators
28493  OSC27.000M-HALF   TTL/HCMOS O.S.C (half can) 33238  HA7210IP   Low Power Crystal Oscillator 16843  OSC14.7456M-HALF   O.S.C (Half Can) 8 Pins Crystal Clock Oscillators

       5¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ EPSON_SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators

80077  SG-8002JC-PHB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Osc 24371  SG-8002DC-PCB-24.576   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14318  SG-8002DB-PCB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
14319  SG-8002DC-PCB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14320  SG-8002JA-PCB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14321  SG-8002JC-PCB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
14322  SG-8002JF-PCB-24M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14293  SG-8002JA-PCB-125M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14295  SG-8002DC-PCB-125M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
14297  SG-8002JF-PCB-125M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 29858  SG-8002JA-PCB-1.2M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 29859  SG-8002JA-PCB-1.6M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
27796  SG-8002DC-PCB-7.3608MHz   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 14296  SG-8002JC-PCB-125M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 27797  SG-8002DC-PCB-7.4184MHz   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
59070  SG-8002DB-16MHz   PROGRAMMABLE HIGH-FREQUENCY CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR 85256  SG-8002JAPT-B-20MHZ   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 23514  SG-8002JC-PCB-5M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
23796  SG-8002DC-PCB-16.9344   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 24906  SG-8002JF-PCB-33MHz   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillator 30975  SG-8002DC-PCB-27M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators
30977  SG-8002DC-PCB-36M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators 2661  SG-8002DB-PCB-125M   EPSON SG-8002 Programmable Oscillators

       6¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ EPSON_SPG series Oscillators

16957  SPG8640BN   EPSON SPG Series 16 Pins Oscillators 65475  SPG8640AN   Programmable type crystal oscillator

       7¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ SMD Type Crystal Oscillators

82981  HSX751S-27.000MHz   H.ELE. SMD Crystal Resonator 7.0*5.0mm 11837  SMD-OSC50.0000M   SMD-Voltage-Controlled Crystall OSC 82982  HSX751S-11.2896MHz   H.ELE. SMD Crystal Resonator 7.0*5.0mm
61585  CETGLK-100.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 61339  DS0751-25.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 41238  HSO751S-25.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator
53793  DSO751SV-100.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 28093  DSO751SV-25.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 28675  OSC713250HIS-12MHZ   Clock Oscillator SMD
28129  DSO751SV-29.491MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 69167  DSO751SV-40.000MHz   SMD- Crystal Oscillator 70136  KDS-27.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator
28092  DSO751SV-50.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator 28106  DSO751SV-27.000MHz   SMD-SPXO Crystal Oscillator

       8¡BTTL/HCMOS Crystal Oscillators ¡÷ Other_H Series Clock Oscillators

41971  HO-25B-8.1920M-3.3V   Clock Oscillator TTL/HCMOS Compatible 66062  SG531PHC-32.0000MHz   Crystal Oscillator HCMOS/TTL DUAL IN LINE PLASTIC HALF SIZE SG-531 51218  11.0592MHz-3.3V   Crystal Clock Oscillator
51220  12.000MHz-3.3V   Crystal Clock Oscillator 51221  1.8432MHz-3.3V   Crystal Clock Oscillator 51222  100.000MHz-3.3V   Crystal Clock Oscillator

       9¡BCrystal ¡÷ Crystals

69239  FOXSLF/041   Resistance Weld Thru-Hole Crystal 50373  ESA11.0592F20D35F   HC-49S Series_Low Profile Holder Type Crystal Units 73428  49S-030000-FX4X12   Quartz Crystal Unit
50167  XTAL-19.6608Mhz-S   XTAL 9863  XTAL-6.144M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 51934  R49SDA012000FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units
10255  XTAL-30.000M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 54464  R49SDA018432FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 10253  XTAL-3.000M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
54462  R49SDA008000FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units 50448  KP000403   QUARTZ CRYSTAL KP-49/US TYPE 85136  ZXO-040000-4C5001   DIP CLOCK OSCILLATOR
85134  ZXO-024000-4C5001   DIP CLOCK OSCILLATOR 85132  ZXO-004000-4C3000   DIP CLOCK OSCILLATOR 23569  XTAL-26.670M-U   Quartz Crystal Unit
90452  PXO-DIP8-25.000MHz   QUARTZ CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR 65185  49S-014318-FX4X13   Quartz Crystal Unit 65184  49S-014000-FX4X10   Quartz Crystal Unit
65189  49S-048000-3X4X12   Quartz Crystal Unit 65188  49S-040000-3X4X10   Quartz Crystal Unit 65187  49S-027000-FX4X11   Quartz Crystal Unit
65186  49S-026670-FX4X10   Quartz Crystal Unit 23030  XTAL-3.500M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 69278  FOXLF049-20   Resistance Weld Thru-Hole Crystal
85468  SX-3225-12Mhz   Quartz Crystal Units 10254  XTAL-3.2768M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11737  XTAL-42.000M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
40532  FT10M07A1   Monolithic crystal filter 60322  25MHZ-DIP-4P   Voltage¡@Controlled¡@Crystal¡@Oscillators 40445  XTAL-12.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units
3208  XTAL-24.576M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 51935  R49SDA024000FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units 51936  R49SDA025000FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units
71837  6.144MHz   Quartz Crystal Units 53018  R49SDA016000FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 78926  JXO-5-20.00MHz   KSS_Clock Crystal Sscillator
17123  XTAL-13.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 7855  XTAL-6.144M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 7856  XTAL-40.000M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
13471  XTAL-24.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 89696  17.734475MHz-20PF   Quartz Crystal Unit 51427  R49SDA040500O32030C   Quartz Crystal Units
51425  R49SDA013000FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 51492  R49SDA003579FA2030A   Quartz Crystal Units 51493  R49SDA006612FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units
3707  XTAL-3.57954M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 51491  R49SDA020000FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 51489  R49SDA011059FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units
51490  R49SDA004000FA2030A   Quartz Crystal Units 51424  R49SDA018351FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 51426  R49SDA033000FA1830C   Quartz Crystal Units
23570  XTAL-28.432M-U   Quartz Crystal Unit 23063  XTAL-6.144M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 5726  XTAL-3.2768M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
5728  XTAL-25.000MHz   Quartz Crystal Units 5729  XTAL-24.576M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 5730  XTAL-11.0592M-S   Quartz Crystal Units
22196  XTAL-45.000M/S   "KDS" Crystal 14111  XTAL-4.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 11768  XTAL-5.0688M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
11769  XTAL-1.000M-33U   Quartz Crystal Units 11773  XTAL-7.3728M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11775  XTAL-4.032M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
11770  XTAL-4.433618M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11772  XTAL-9.429687M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 6972  XTAL-7.200M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
6986  XTAL-26.670M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 6976  5.000MHz-20PF   SIWARD_Quartz Crystal Unit 6993  XTAL-27.125M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
6969  XTAL-11.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 11752  XTAL-4.608M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 59982  R49SDA006000FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units
59983  R49SDA022118FA2030C   Quartz Crystal Units 11750  XTAL-10.245M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11751  XTAL-7.200M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
11746  XTAL-2.4576M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11748  XTAL-19.6608M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 11738  XTAL-49.435M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
11112  XTAL-16.9344M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 53017  R49SDA024576FA2030B   Quartz Crystal Units 13349  XTAL-34.480M-U   Quartz Crystal Units
6963  XTAL-32.000M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 40775  XTAL-11.0592M-S   Quartz Crystal Units 29253  XTAL-27.000M-U   QUARTZ CRYSTAL UNIT
13398  XTAL-18.432M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 13348  XTAL-35.710M-U   Quartz Crystal Units 49801  ESA20.0000F20D35F   HC-49S Series_Low Profile Holder Type Crystal Units

       10¡BCrystal ¡÷ SMD Crystals

28535  DSX530GA-16.000MHz   SMD Type Crystal Resonator 15727  XTAL-3.579545M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 15729  XTAL-11.0592M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
35597  7B16000195   TXC_SMD Quartz Crystal 60925  NX4025DA-15.360000MHZ-B7   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23484  SG-8002LA5M-PHM   HIGH-FREQUENCY CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR
54797  R49SSA011059FA2030C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 81022  11.0592MHZ   81283  KDS-7.3728MHz   SMD Quartz Crystal
49781  XTAL32.768K/9HT71220   SMD Quartz Crystal 23338  XTAL-18.432M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 86129  ECS-327KE-TR   ECS_SMD Clock Oscillator
86356  EA43C-32.768KHz   32.768KHz SMD Crystal Unit 86505  NX3225SA-32.000000MHZ   NDK_Crystal Unit¡A3.2*2.5*0.7mm 88077  ECS-3518-400-B-TR   SMD CLOCK OSCILLATOR
60437  SMD-26.000MHz   Surface Mount Crystal 60432  SMD¥Û­^¾_Àú¤l 13.000MHz 3.3V   TXC_SMD Quartz Crystal 16913  MC-405-32.768K   SMD Quartz Crystal
23336  XTAL-10.245M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23334  XTAL-24.000M-49/SMD   24.000MHz SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23329  XTAL-11.000M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
23332  XTAL-16.9344M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23330  XTAL-15.000M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23328  XTAL-10.000M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
23326  XTAL-5.000M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51431  R49SSA013875FA2030C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 23325  XTAL-4.096M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
23324  XTAL-4.000M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51429  R49SSA048000O32030CA   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51497  R49SSA008000FA1830B   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
51496  R49SSA016000FA1830C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51495  R49SSA004000FA2030A   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51494  R49SSA014745FA2030C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
51432  R49SSA027000FA2030C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51430  R49SSA012000FA1830C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 51558  R49SSA020000FA2030C   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
11848  MA-506-32.000M   SMD High-Frequency Crystal 11847  MA-506-4.194M   SMD Quartz Crystal 91677  CXA-012000-3X7X40   SMD Crystal
42761  7B12000091   TXC_SMD Quartz Crystal 82962  MC-306-32.7680K-A0   kHz RANGE CRYSTAL UNIT 11836  MC-206-4.19M   SMD Crystal
82936  ABM8-48.000MHZ-B2-T   CRYSTAL 48.000MHZ 18PF SMD 65987  CXA-012000-3X4X02   SMD Crystal 79377  FC-145-32.768KHz   kHz RANGE CRYSTAL UNIT LOW PROFILE SMD
58927  32.768MHz/HC-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 29155  SX-5032-16MHZ   SMD Quartz Crystal 23345  XTAL-4.915M-49/SMD   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
23337  XTAL-40.000M-49/SMD   40.000MHz SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 29129  7B16000140   TXC_SMD Quartz Crystal 54463  R49SSA014318FA1830BA   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit
54461  R49SSA025000FA1830B   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit 65991  CXA-040000-3F9F41   SMD Crystal 65990  CXA-026000-3F4F20   SMD Crystal
65989  CXA-025000-3X4X01   SMD Crystal 65988  CXA-024000-3X4X22   SMD Crystal 23339  ESB32.7680T20D35F   SMD Quartz Crystal Unit


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