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1.26479-Phase Control IC
2.39249-Thermoelectric Cooler Controller
3.40122-Triac Phase Angle Controller
4.41685-General Purpose High Current NPN Transistor Array
5.49780-Electronic Driver
7.66572-Full-Bridge Driver (H-Swithch) for DC Motor
8.66995-SHARP Laser Diode Drive IC
9.67102-Single-Supply, Differential 18-Bit ADC Driver
10.67449-4-Channel, LVDS, Dual-Output,Laser Diode Driver with Oscillator
11.67544-Single-Supply, Differential 18-Bit ADC Driver
12.67984-HOLTEK General Purpose PIR Controller
13.68158-IR_Automotive Grade Dual Low Side Driver
14.71274-Ultrahigh Speed Pin Driver with Inhibit Mode
15.71475-5V ECL 1:9 Differential Clock Driver
16.71476-5V ECL Quad Driver
17.71824-Laser Diode Driver w/ Waveform Generator
19.73067-IR_Half-Bridge Driver
20.73072-Self-Oscillating Half-Bridge Driver
21.73090-IR Half-Bridge Driver
22.73102-IR Protected Digital Audio Driver
23.73103-Digital Audio Driver
24.73336-Ballast Control IC
26.77034-USB TX2 2.0 UTMI Transceiver
27.77745-Dual Bidirectional Bus Buffer
28.79583-High-Current High And Low-SideĄAGate-Driver IC
29.79785-Basic 3 Outputs Video Drivers
30.82118-PowTech_30V/1.2A continuous conduction mode inductive step-down converter
31.82777-3-1/2 Digit Analog-to-Digital Converter
32.83842-High-Side Current Monitor
33.83843-2 Ampere Dual Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Drivers
34.83844-2 Ampere Dual Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Drivers
35.83845-8 Amp Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Driver
36.83846-9-Ampere Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Drivers
37.84471-High-Current, High-and Low-Side, Gate-Drive IC
38.85786-3.3V Fast CMOS Buffer/Clock Driver
39.85947-Door Actuator Driver
40.86354-Triac Dimming,Primary Side Control Offine LED Controller With Active PFC
41.86355-LED Controller With Active PFC
42.88182-Microstep Constant Current Driver
43.89305-75Ł[ Driver With Y/C MIX Circuit
45.90375-8CH Source Driver
46.91605-4-Channel BTL-Use Driver
47.93013-Advanced Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) Controller For Half-Bridge Resonant Converter
48.93014-3-Phase Half-Bridge Gate-Drive IC
49.93015-30V PMOS-NMOS Bridge Driver
50.94255-Single 1A High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver
51.95360-14-Ampere Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Driver
52.95668-Configurable H-Bridge Driver
53.98594-3 Half-Bridge Gate-Drive IC
54.98767-Vacuum Fluorescent Display Drivers
55.100233-Quad Driver
56.103773-Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Controller
57.103853-30-Ampere Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Drivers
58.104111-4-Ampere Dual Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Driver
59.104113-30-Ampere Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Driver
60.104322-MOSFET Gate Drivers
61.104323-MOSFET Gate Drivers
62.104324-High- and Low-Side Gate Driver
63.104325-MOSFET Gate Drivers
64.104326-MOSFET Gate Drivers
65.111353-P82B96 I2C Compatible Dual Bidirectional Bus Buffer
66.111365-GPIB Talker/Listener
67.111476-Programmable Keyboard/Display Interface
68.112225-7-Segment Decoder/Driver/Latch With Constant Current Sink Output
69.113013-8CH Low Saturation Sink Driver
70.113148-One CVBS and One Full-HD Composite Video Filter Driver
71.115029-8CH High-Voltage Source Driver
72.115074-Self-Oscillating Full-Bridge Driver IC

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