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   34.   Computational IC

       1、Microcontrollers (MPU) → Microchip_Microcontrollers

12112  PIC12C509A-04/SM   8bit OTP MPU 16060  PIC16F877-20/P-e3   8-bit CMOS FLASH MPU + 10bit A/D Pb Free 12410  PIC16C55-JW   8 Bit EPROM MPU
61726  PIC10F200-I/P   8-Pin FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers 46336  PIC16C57C-04/P-e3   8Bit OTP MPU 46259  PIC12F675-E/SN-e3   8-pin flash-based 8-bit cmos microcontrollers
60454  PIC18F2550-I/SO   28-Pin,High Performance, Enhanced Flash, USB Microcontrollers With NanoWatt Technology 15482  PIC16C56A-04/P   8 Bit OTP MPU 15481  PIC12C509A-04/P   8bit OTP MPU
19176  PIC16C711-04/SO   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter 7587  PIC12C509-JW   8bit EPROM MPU 62505  PIC16F877A-I/P   8-bit CMOS FLASH MPU + 10bit A/D
30325  PIC16F628A-I/P   FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS MPU 30328  PIC16F72-I/SP-e3   8-Bit CMOS Flash MPU with A/D Converter 64581  PIC18F87J50-I/PT   80-PIN HIGH-PERFORN
54023  PIC16F630-I/P   FLASH-Based 4-Bit CMOS MPU 54024  PIC16F690-I/P   FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS MPU 22155  PIC16C66-04/SP   8 Bit EPROM MPU
39009  PIC12F508-I/P   8-Bit Flash Microcontroller 53695  PIC16F876A-I/SP-e3   IC MCU FLASH 20065  PIC12F675-I/P-e3   8-Pin FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
39010  PIC12F508-I/SN   8-Bit Flash Microcontroller 72236  PIC18F67K90-I/PT   64/80-Pin, High-Performance Microcontrollers with LCD Driver and nanoWatt XLP Technology 38850  PIC16C64A-10/L   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
11874  PIC12C508A-04/P   8 Bit OTP MPU 9987  PIC16C56-JW   8-bit EPROM MPU 59123  PIC18F2520-I/SO   Flash Microcontrollers With 10-Bit A/D and nanoWatt Technology
40460  PIC16C505-04I/SL   14-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller 64500  PIC16C57-XT/P   IC MCU OTP 2KX12 28DIP 40462  PIC16C505-04I/P   CMOS Microcontroller
19180  PIC16F73-I/SP   8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontrollers 62033  PIC16F505-I/P   FLASH-Based 4-Bit CMOS MPU 86047  PIC16LC711-04I/P   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter
17738  PIC16F628-04/P   FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS MPU 17739  PIC16F72-I/SP   8-Bit CMOS Flash MPU with A/D Converter 91372  PIC24F16KA102-I/SP   20/28-Pin General Purpose,16-Bit Flash Microcontrollers with nanoWatt XLP? Technology
17737  PIC16F876-20/SP-e3   8-bit CMOS FLASH MPU 85487  PIC12F510-I/P   8-Bit Flash Microcontroller 64279  PIC16F818-I/P   Enhanced Flash Microcontrollers with nanoWatt Technology
42917  PIC16C57C-20/P   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series 28606  PIC16F876-04/SP   8-bit CMOS FLASH MPU 57833  PIC12F629-I/P   8-Pin Flash-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
63572  PIC16C57-XTE/P   8Bit OTP MPU 47828  PIC16F628A-I/SO   FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS MPU 7621  PIC16C54A-04/SO   8 Bit OTP MPU
19166  PIC12F675-I/SN   8-Pin FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers 19165  PIC12C508A-04/SM   8 Bit OTP MPU 19167  PIC16C52-04/P   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series
19168  PIC16C54C-04P/SO   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series 19169  PIC16C54C-20/P   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series 19170  PIC16C55A-04/P-e3   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series
19171  PIC16C57C-04/SO   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series 19172  PIC16C57C-20/SO   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Series 19174  PIC16C65B-04/P   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter
19173  PIC16C63A-04/SP   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter 19177  PIC16C72A-04/SP   28-Pin 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers 19175  PIC16C711-04/P   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter
19178  PIC16C74B-04/P   8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with A/D Converter 34617  PIC16F873-20/SP   8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontroller 1414  PIC16F84A-04/P-e3   8 Bit Flash MPU Pb Free
1693  PIC16C55-RC/P   8-bit OTP MPU 1694  PIC16C55-XT/P   8-bit OTP MPU 1695  PIC16C56-RC/P   8-bit CMOS MPU
1696  PIC16C57C-04/P   8Bit OTP MPU 1698  PIC16C71-16/SO   8 Bit OTP SMT MPU 4517  PIC16C74A-JW   8Bit EPROM MPU
4519  PIC16C54-JW   8-bit EPROM MPU 58284  PIC16F677-I/P   FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS MPU 1690  PIC16C54-XT/P   8Bit OTP MPU
58310  CF745-04/P   EPROM/ROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller 69247  DSPIC33FJ128MC710-I/PF   High-Performance,16-Bit Digital Signal Controller 1691  PIC16C54-RC/P   8Bit OTP MPU
1692  PIC16C54C-04/P-e3   8 Bit OTP MPU

       2、Microcontrollers (MPU) → Other Series Microcontrollers

35475  C8051F310   16 Kb ISP Flash MCU Family 42301  SAB-C515-LN   8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller 16072  P8052AH   NMOS 8-Bit MCU
42031  DS87C530-QCL   EPROM Microcontroller with Real-Time Clock 46455  SM8954AC25PP   8 Bit Micro-controller with 64KB flash & 1KB RAM embedded 79765  CY7C68013-56PVC   USB Microcontroller
41648  STC89LE54RD+40I-PQFP   STC High speed logic family 41026  SAB 80C166-M   16-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller 79519  D8085HC   8-Bit,Single-Chip N-CH. Microprocessor
82959  UPD78C10AGQ-36   8 Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer 91534  W78E058DPG   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 15363  D8748H   1k PROM; Vpp +21V MCU
15364  D8742   MCU+EPROM 82979  HD46508PA   HITACHI_Analog Data Acquisition Unit 41504  MSU2031C25P   Low working voltage 16 MHz ROM less MCU
41506  MSU2032C40J   low working voltage 16 MHz ROM less MCU 42320  N80C251SB16   HIGH-PERFORMANCE CHMOS MICROCONTROLLER 66829  HD6475328CP10   HITACHI Original Hitachi CMOS Microcomputer Unit (MCU)
83840  82559ER   Fast Ethernet Controller 28795  DS5000-32-16   8-bit Soft Microcontroller Module 44790  CS8900A-IQ3   a low-cost Ethernet LAN Controller op-timized
16923  AN2131QC   EZ-USB MCU 39898  CY7C68013A-56PVXC   EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller 39296  C8051F005   Mixed-Signal 32KB ISP FLASH MCU
52997  D8218   Bus Controller 59429  CY7C68013A-128AXC   EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) USB Microcontroller 17067  D8749H   8 Bit EPROM MCU
18836  D75CG208E   MCU 18838  D87C51   8Bit MCU 18837  D8752BH   8 Bit EPROM MCU
18839  IS80C32-40PL   CMOS SINGLE CHIP LOW VOLTAGE 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 28953  CS8900A-CQ3   Single-Chip IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Controller 41027  SM8958AC25PP   8-Bit Micro-controller with 32KB flash & 1KB RAM embedded
18841  MSM80C85A   OKI_COMS 8-bit Microcontroller 7619  80C31BH   8-Bit Architecture MCU 18810  AM79C984AKC/W   enhanced Integrated Multiport Repeater (eIMR.)
18845  N80C186-25   MCU 18847  N80C188XL-20   MCU 50147  P80C32-1   INTEL _CHMOS SINGLE-CHIP 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
85617  C8051F505-IQ   Mixed Signal ISP Flash MCU Family 65278  HD63B01Y0P   CMOS MCU 33041  DS87C520-MCL   EPROM/ROM High-Speed Micro
23370  TN87C196KC20   16-Bit High-Performance CHMOS Microcontroller 33044  DS87C520-WCL   EPROM/ROM High-Speed Micro 28533  SAB80C535N   8-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller
28523  DS5000-32-12   Soft Microcontroller 57955  SAB80C535-N-T40/85   8 Bit CMOS single –chip microcontroller 33043  DS87C520-QCL   EPROM/ROM High-Speed Micro
58206  UPD78P014CW   8 Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer 1634  N80C196KB-16   Commercial CHMOS MPU 33314  ADUC848BS62-5   MCU + 16-Bit ADC
67413  Z86E21AF1   8K EPROM Microcomputers 13704  DS80C320QCG+   8-Bit Architecture, Family MCU 85616  C8051F124-GQR   Mixed Signal ISP Flash MCU Family
32846  UPD70325L-10   16/8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLER 48515  P8049AH   HMOS SINGLE-COMPONENT 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 48607  SAB80C535-16-N   8 Bit CMOS single –chip microcontroller
67394  C8051F311-GM   8/16 Kb ISP Flash MCU Family 90532  HT48R50-A-O   I/O Type 8-Bit OTP MCU 68214  CY7C68013A-100AXC   EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) USB Microcontroller
18856  S80C196KC-20   MCU 18861  SABC501G1R24N   MCU 18865  TSC80C31-25CB   MCU
12775  D8049H   1k PROM; Vpp +21V MCU 12319  N80C186-20   MCU 12321  80C188XL20   16-BIT MCU
1631  P8051AH   8-bit MCU 1638  P80C52THS-12   8-BIT MCU 1639  N80C32   8Bit CHMOS MCU
1669  TMP80C49AP-6   CMOS 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER (TLCS-48C) 1683  D80C49H   8 Bit MCU 1745  DS80C320MCG+   8-Bit Architecture, Family MCU
81079  STM8S903K3B6   16 MHz STM8S 8-bit MCU, up to 8 Kbytes Flash, 1 Kbyte RAM, 640 bytes EEPROM,10-bit ADC 19309  89C72-台製   MCU 18811  D75CG216A   MCU
18860  SAB8052BN   NMOS SINGLE-CHIP 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLERS 18862  TMP8049AP   MCU 42975  SAB80C515A-N18-T3   8 Bit CMOS single –chip microcontroller
63266  CY7C68013A-56LFXC   EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) USB Microcontroller 43107  W65C02S8P-10   Microprocessor DATA SHEET 31641  SM89516L25JP   8-Bit Micro-controller with 64KB flash & 1KB RAM embedded
72798  MSM80C154S   OKI_COMS 8-bit Microcontroller 80424  N80C198-16   Commercial Express CHMOS Microcontroller 12957  M80C31   MCU
43609  ADUC836BS   Microcontroller: MCU + 62kB Flash + Dual 16Bit ADC 90771  CY7C63413C-PXC   Low-Speed High I/O,1.5-Mbps USB Controller 14547  N80C196KC20   16-Bit Architecture MPU

       3、Microcontrollers (MPU) → Zilog_Microcontrollers

54234  Z84C1306   Z80 CMOS EIPC Ehanced Intelligent Peripheral Controller 44582  Z0842006PSC   Z80 Parallel Input/Output Microprocessor 23154  Z86E0812PSC1866   CMOS Z8 OTP MICROCONTROLLERS
53039  Z8018008VSC   Z80 CMOS Enhanced MPU 5996  Z0840008PSC   1718  Z0840004PSC   Microprocessor, 8 Bit, 40 Pin, Plastic, DIP
1719  Z8018006VSC   Z80 CMOS Enhanced MPU 1720  Z084004PSC   55272  Z8F0821PH020EG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller
55172  Z8F0412SJ020SG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller 55177  Z8F0422SJ020SG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller 55176  Z8F0812SJ020SG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller
55174  Z8F0412PJ020EG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller 55180  Z8F0822SJ020EG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller 55175  Z8F0412SJ020EG   high performance 8-bit microcontroller
55187  Z8F0811PH020EG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller 55186  Z8F0411PH020EG   High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller

       4、Microcontrollers (MPU) → EMC_Microcontrollers

65664  EM78P156ELPJ-G   8-BIT MICRO-CONTROLLER 58301  EM78P156ELP-G   8-BIT MICRO-CONTROLLER 10190  EM78P447BP   8Bit Microcontroller with OTP ROM

       5、Microcontrollers (MPU) → Freescale_Microcontrollers

41736  MC9S08GT60ACFBE   Core Microcontroller 35210  MC68HC11F1CFN3   Microcontroller 35211  MC68HC705C8ACP   M68HC05 MICROCONTROLLERS
69759  MC68HC000B10   Low Power HCMOS 16-/32-Bit Microprocessor 62624  MC68000FN8   8-/16-/32-BitMicroprocessors 56310  MC68HC11F1CPU4   Microcontroller
45208  MC68008P8   16-Bit Microprocessor With 8-Bit Data Bus 55455  MC9S12DT256MPVE   Automotive/Industrial with CAN Microcontroller 16-Bit 89867  MC68705U3S   3776 Bytes EPROM,Internal 8-Bit Timer
51769  MC68HC24FN   Port Replacement Unit(PRU) 69514  MC68HC11E0FN   Single-Chip Microcontroller 18842  MC68EC000FN16   Low Cost 32-Bit Microproessor
57871  MC705K1CP   Microcontroller 55355  MC908QC8CDSE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55354  MC908QC8CDTE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit
55356  MC908QC8CDRE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55444  MC9S12DG128MFUE   Automotive/Industrial with CAN Microcontroller 16-Bit 55450  MC9S12DG128MPVE   Automotive/Industrial with CAN Microcontroller 16-Bit
55453  MC9S12DT256MFUE   Automotive/Industrial with CAN Microcontroller 16-Bit 55323  MC908QC16CDXE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55331  MC908QC16CDTE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit
55333  MC908QC16CDSE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55334  MC908QC16CDRE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55351  MC908QC8CDZE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit
55352  MC908QC8CDYE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55353  MC908QC8CDXE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55370  MC9S12D64MFUE   Automotive/Industrial with CAN Microcontroller 16-Bit
55384  MC9S12E32CFUE   16-Bit Microcontroller with D/A 55386  MC9S12E64MFUE   16-Bit Microcontroller with D/A 55387  MC9S12E128MFUE   16-Bit Microcontroller with D/A
55233  MC9S08QD4CPC   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55235  MC9S08QD4CSC   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55236  MC9S08QD4VPC   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit
85531  MC68HC11A1FN   Single–Chip Microcontrollers (AMCU) 55237  MC9S08QD4VSC   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55276  MC9S08QG8CDTE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit
55280  MC9S08QG8CPBE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 55404  MC9S12E256MFUE   16-Bit Microcontroller with D/A 26995  MC68HC11F1CFN4   Single–Chip Microcontrollers (AMCU)
5381  MC68B09CP   8-bit MCU 55275  MC9S08QG8CDNE   Core Microcontroller 8-Bit 35208  MC68HC11E0CFN3   Microcontroller
35209  MC68HC11E9CFN2   Microcontroller

       6、Microcontrollers (MPU) → WINBOND_Microcontrollers

12213  W78E52B-40   8-BIT FLASH MPU 46396  W78E052C40PL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 58689  W78E051C40DL   8-Bit Microcontroller
46393  W78E058B40PL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 46392  W78E058B40DL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 63910  W78E054DDG   8-Bit Microcontroller
15276  W78E516B40DL   8-bit FLASH MPU 11824  W78E51B-40   8-Bit MTP Microcontroller 41639  W78LE516-24   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
14259  W78E58B-40DL   8-bit FLASH MPU 22193  W78E516B40PL   8Bit Microcontroller 27619  W77E58P-40   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
8800  W78C32B-24   MPU單晶控制器 8801  W78C31B-24   MPU單晶控制器 8802  W78C31B-40   MPU單晶控制器
87850  W78E051B40DL   8-Bit Microcontroller 46403  W77E058A40DL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 46394  W78E054C40PL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
46405  W77E058A40PL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 60932  W79E632A40PL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 16850  W78L516A24PL   8-BIT FLASH MPU
15307  W78E054C40DL   8-bit FLASH MPU 46398  W78E051C40PL   8-BIT FLASH MPU 46397  W78E052C40DL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
46400  W78C032C40DL   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER 46399  W78C032C40PL   TOP204YAI 85546  W78E516DDG   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
23745  W78LE516F-24   8-BIT FLASH MPU 18867  W77E58-40   8-Bit CMOS MPU 18859  W78C438CP-40   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER
18873  W78E54BP-40   8-bit FLASH MPU 18871  W78E51CP-40   8-BIT FLASH MPU 16061  W77C32-40DL   8-Bit CMOS MPU
18869  W78C32CP-40   8 BIT MPU 1641  W78C32C-40   8 BIT MPU 18866  W77C32P-40   8-Bit CMOS MPU
18872  W78E52CP-40   8-BIT FLASH MPU 18870  W78E51BP-24   8-BIT FLASH MPU 76410  W78E052DDG   IC MCU 8-BIT 8K FLASH 40-DIP
18874  W78E58BP-40   8-bit FLASH MPU 76411  W78E052DPG   IC MCU 8-BIT 8K FLASH 40-DIP 63340  W78E058DDG   8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER


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