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   29.   Relays & Solenoids

       22¡BMiniature PCB Relays ¡÷ Tyco_PCB Relays

53063  V23061-A1007-A302   Miniature power PCB relay MSR 47066  RT424012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 47070  IM02GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
47073  C93401   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 47075  C93402   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 47078  V23079-A2003-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
47026  V23079-A2001-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 72072  RTS3T012   Power Relays 72073  RTS3TA12   Power Relays
72075  RTS3T024   Power Relays 72104  RY210024   TYCO_Reed Relay 72106  RY610024   TYCO_Reed Relay
72107  RY611012   TYCO_Reed Relay 72108  RY611024   TYCO_Reed Relay 72076  RTD34012   Power Relays
53469  RY210012   TYCO_Reed Relay 48672  V23079-A1001-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 82733  PTF22615   Generral Purpose Relay
50321  RT424730   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 56570  T9AS5D12-12   Power Relays 56721  RT424615   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
56828  RT424048   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 57328  IM42GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 57114  RX424524   PCB Power Relay
57117  RX314524   PCB Power Relay 57101  RT314524   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 51693  V23079-A1003-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 Telecom-,Signal and RF Relay
72078  RTH14012   Power Relays 72079  RTD14005   Power Relays 72081  RT314024   Power Relays
52553  IM02TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 63230  RY610005   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 64385  RY211012   TYCO_Reed Relay
66499  V23079-A1005-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 90861  RT424024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 69463  KUHP-5A51-24   General Purpose / Industrial Relays SP 30A BRKT MT 24VAC
70243  RZ03-1C4-D012   Power PCB Relay 68978  RX114012C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68979  RX114024C   Tyco Power PCB Relay
68981  RX314012C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68982  RX314024C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68983  RX314730C   Tyco Power PCB Relay
68985  RX424730C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68986  RP420024   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68987  RP421024   Tyco Power PCB Relay
68989  RP821012   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68990  RP821024   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68992  RP710024   Tyco Power PCB Relay
68993  RP818012   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68984  RX424012C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 69039  V23105A5003A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
69041  V23105A5475A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 69042  V23105A5502A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 69044  V23105A5476A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
69038  V23105A5001A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 69045  V23105A5477A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 69046  V23105A5478A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70658  T7CS5D-12   Power Relays 70695  T7CV5D-05   Power Relays 70696  T7CV5D-12   Power Relays
70698  T7NS1D1-12   Power Relays 70699  T7NS1D1-24   Power Relays 70701  T7NS5D1-12   Power Relays
70702  T7NS5D1-24   Power Relays 70716  T73S5D15-05   Power Relays 70718  T73S5D15-24   Power Relays
70719  T75S5D112-05   Power Relays 70721  T75S5D112-24   Power Relays 70722  T77S1D10-05   Power Relays
70724  T77S1D10-24   Power Relays 70725  T77S1D3-05   Power Relays 70727  T77S1D3-24   Power Relays
70728  T77V1D10-24   Power Relays 70730  T81H5D312-12   Power Relays 70731  T81H5D312-24   Power Relays
70732  T81N5D312-12   Power Relays 70733  T81N5D312-24   Power Relays 70734  ORWH-SH-105H3F,000   Power Relays
70735  ORWH-SH-109H3F,000   Power Relays 70736  ORWH-SH-112H3F,000   Power Relays 70738  ORWH-SH-105HM3F,000   Power Relays
70739  ORWH-SH-112HM3F,000   Power Relays 70744  OMI-SH-124L   OEG_PCB RELAY 70745  OMI-SH-212D   OEG_PCB RELAY
70747  IM01TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70748  IM03TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70750  IM06TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70751  IM07TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70756  IM01GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70758  IM06GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70759  IM07GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70752  IM21TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70753  IM22TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70754  IM23TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70755  IM26TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70761  IM01CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70762  IM02CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70764  IM05CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70765  IM06CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70773  IM02DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70774  IM03DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70775  IM05DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70776  IM06DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70778  IM43GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70779  IM46GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70790  V23079-D1003-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70791  V23079-D1005-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70793  V23079-E1201-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
70794  V23079-D2001-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70795  V23079-D2003-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70796  V23079-G2003-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
70781  IM22GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70782  IM23GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70784  IM48DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70785  IM42DGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70798  V23105A5006A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70799  V23105A5301A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70801  V23105A5305A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70802  V23105A5307A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70805  V23105A5401A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70807  V23105A5405A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70808  V23105A5407A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70810  V23105A5503A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70811  V23105A5505A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70787  V23079-B1205-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70816  HF351   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70817  HF357   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70818  HF301   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70819  HF303   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70821  PE014005   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70822  PE014006   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70824  PE014024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
70825  RE030005   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70827  RE030012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70828  RE030024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
70830  RE032005   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70831  RE032006   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70833  RE032024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
70834  RE032048   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70931  PB134005   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70933  PB134012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
70934  PB134024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70936  PB114024   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 71481  D3009   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay
71482  D3002   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71483  D3012   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71484  D3023   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay
71485  D3026   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71486  D3043   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71488  D3063   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay
71489  D3066   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71497  D3204   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71498  D3209   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay
71500  D3212   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71501  D3222   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71502  D3223   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay
71503  D3226   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71504  D3227   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71514  C93416   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
71515  C93418   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 71543  PT270012   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71552  PT270024   General Purpose Relay (Industrial)
71555  PT270615   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71560  PT370615   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71561  PT570012   General Purpose Relay (Industrial)
71563  PT570048   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71566  PT570524   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71567  PT570615   General Purpose Relay (Industrial)
71568  PT570730   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71569  RM202012   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71575  RM202615   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay)
71580  RM302024   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71581  RM702024   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71583  RM702615   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay)
71584  RM705615   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71585  RM805012   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71587  RM805524   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay)
71588  RM805615   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71634  R10-E1Y2-V185   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71635  R10S-E1Y2-J5.0K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71637  R10-E1Y2-J1.0K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71638  R10-E1P2-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71640  R10-E1Y4-V52   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71641  R10-E1Y4-V185   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71643  R10-E1Y4-V2.5K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71644  R10-E1W4-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71646  R10-E1X2-V185   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71647  R10-E1X2-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71648  R10-E1X2-V2.5K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71649  R10-E1X2-115V   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71650  R10-E1W2-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71651  R10-E1W2-V185   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71652  R10-E2X2-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71654  R10-E1X4-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71655  R10-E1X4-V2.5K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71657  R10-E1X4-115V   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71658  R10-E1X6-V90   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71660  R10-E1Z6-V430   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71827  RTB14005F   Power Relays 71829  RTB14012F   Power Relays 71830  RTB14024F   Power Relays
71833  RTB14012   Power Relays 71834  RTB14024   Power Relays 71835  RT114024   Power Relays
71836  RTB34012F   Power Relays 71840  RTB14524   Power Relays 71841  RTB14615   Power Relays
71844  RTB34024F   Power Relays 72006  RTD14012F   Power Relays 72007  RT314012F   Power Relays
72009  RT314024F   Power Relays 72010  RTD34012F   Power Relays 72012  RTE24005F   Power Relays
72013  RTE24006F   Power Relays 72015  RT424012F   Power Relays 72016  RTE24024F   Power Relays
72082  RT314615   Power Relays 72083  RT314730   Power Relays 72084  RT314F12   Power Relays
72085  RT314F24   Power Relays 72086  RT424F274   Power Relays 72087  RT314A12   Power Relays
72089  RTD14024   Power Relays 72092  RT334012   Power Relays 72093  RT334024   Power Relays
72095  RTE24006   Power Relays 72096  RTE24012   Power Relays 72099  RT424524   Power Relays
72101  RTE24730   Power Relays 72102  RTE44012F   Power Relays 68003  RT33L024   Tyco Power PCB Relay RT1 Inrush
76533  V23084-C2001-A303   Tyco_Double Mini Relay 68006  SR4M4012   Tyco Safety Relay 77701  V23092-A1024-A301   Slimline PCB Relay SNR
79793  SR4D4005   Tyco-SCHRACK_Force Guided Relay 79808  V23050-A1024-A533   79801  SR4M4024   Tyco-SCHRACK_Safety Relay
79802  V23047-A1012-A501   Tyco-SCHRACK_Force Guided Relay 79798  SR4D4024   Tyco-SCHRACK_Force Guided Relay 79807  V23047-A1024-A511   SCHRACK_Force Guided Relay
69805  KUMP-14A18-120   Tyco PCS Relay 82735  PTF22730   Generral Purpose Relay 83193  V23061A1005A302   Miniature power PCB relay MSR
84762  RT314005   General Purpose Relays 85169  V23057-B0006-A201   Power PCB Relay Card E 86424  ORWH-SS-112D1F   Schrack_PCB Relay
87160  V23100-V4505-A000   AXICOM_Reed Relay 87158  V23100-V4324-B010   AXICOM_Reed Relay 87161  V23100-V4005-A000   AXICOM_Reed Relay
90000  V23230-D2001-B200   High Current Relay 200 90087  PCN-104L3MHZ-SR   Tyco relay 41666  RTD14048   Power PCB Relay
39880  T91S5D22-24   P&B PCB Relay 47076  C93403   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 47079  V23079-A1005-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
50322  RT424024AP   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 72074  RTT3TA12   Power Relays 57673  RY211024   TYCO_PCB Relay
70242  RZ01-1C4-D024   Power PCB Relay 68762  RX424024C   Schrack PCB Relay 68991  RP710012   Tyco Power PCB Relay
68988  RP821006   Tyco Power PCB Relay 68994  RP818024   Tyco Power PCB Relay 70657  T7CS5D-06   Power Relays
70697  T7CV5D-24   Power Relays 70700  T7NS5D1-05   Power Relays 70720  T75S5D112-12   Power Relays
70717  T73S5D15-12   Power Relays 70737  ORWH-SH-124H3F,000   Power Relays 70740  ORWH-SH-124HM3F,000   Power Relays
70743  OMI-SH-124D   OEG_PCB RELAY 70757  IM03GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70763  IM03CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70780  IM21GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70783  IM26GR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70800  V23105A5303A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
70820  HF306   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70823  PE014012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70826  RE030006   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
71487  D3046   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71553  PT270524   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71573  RM202024   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay)
71633  R10-E1Y2-V52   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71636  R10-E1Y2-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71653  R10-E1X4-V185   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71656  R10-E1M4-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71842  RTB14730   Power Relays 71845  RT334024F   Power Relays
72005  RTD14005F   Power Relays 72008  RTD14024F   Power Relays 72011  RTD34024F   Power Relays
72088  RT314A24   Power Relays 72091  RTD14615   Power Relays 72094  RTE24005   Power Relays
77461  RT444012   Power PCB Relay RT2 79811  V23050-A1024-A542   SCHRACK_Force Guided Relay 85928  ORWH-SS-105D1F   Power Relays
87162  V23100-V4012-A000   AXICOM_Reed Relay 82731  PTF20524   Tyco_PT Faston 2 Pole Generral Purpose Relay 56614  RY610012   TYCO PCB Power Relay-RYII Series
72080  RTD14012   Power Relays 68980  RX114730C   Tyco Power PCB Relay 69040  V23105A5005A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay
69043  V23105A5479A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70643  T7CS5D-05   Power Relays 70660  T7CS5D-24   Power Relays
70703  T7NS5D1-48   Power Relays 70723  T77S1D10-12   Power Relays 70726  T77S1D3-12   Power Relays
70729  T81H5D312-05   Power Relays 70746  OMI-SH-224L   OEG_PCB RELAY 70749  IM04TS   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
70766  IM07CGR   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay 70789  V23079-D1001-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay 70792  V23079-F1101-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
70806  V23105A5403A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70809  V23105A5501A201   AXICOM_D2 Range Neutral Mono Relay 70786  V23079-B1203-B301   AXICOM_V23079/P2 PCB Relay
70829  RE030048   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70832  RE032012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 70932  PB134006   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay
70935  PB114012   SCHRACK_PCB Power Relay 71499  D3202   AXICOM_PCB Power Relay 71516  C93419   AXICOM_Signal PCB Relay
71556  PT270730   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71559  PT370024   General Purpose Relay (Industrial) 71562  PT570024   General Purpose Relay (Industrial)
71579  RM205615   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71582  RM702524   General Purpose Relay (Power Relay) 71639  R10-E1Y2-V2.5K   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71642  R10-E1Y4-V700   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71645  R10-E1X2-V52   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type 71659  R10-E1X6-V430   General Purpose Panel Plug-In Relay-R10 Type
71828  RT114012F   Power Relays 71831  RT114024F   Power Relays 72014  RTE24012F   Power Relays
72097  RTE24024   Power Relays 72100  RTE24048   Power Relays 72103  RTE44024F   Power Relays

       23¡BMiniature PCB Relays ¡÷ Others_PCB Relays

85083  RB105-DE   Fujielectric_Card Relay 85084  RB104-DE   Fujielectric_Card Relay 85085  RB104-DB   Fujielectric_Card Relay
85086  RB105-DY   Fujielectric_Card Relay 85087  RB105-DB   Fujielectric_Card Relay 84713  RB104-DY   Fujielectric_Card Relay
54179  822E-1A-C   PCB Relay 62897  JQX-13F2Z   Relay 24VAC 60581  SRD-12VDC-SL-C   SONGLE_Relay
91528  952-4C-110AP   PCB Relay 91737  SMI-12VDC-SL-2A   Songle_PCB RELAY 54178  832-1A-C   PCB Relay
50237  276AXXH-12D   Magnecraft_276 Low Profile PCB Mount Power Relay 59784  HFKW-012-1ZW-555   PCB Relay 78136  HRS2H-S-DC24V-N   HRS2(H) Relay
53838  892-1CC-C   PCB Relay 88758  2961192   Pluggable Miniature Relays 88588  RW-SH-105D  
71906  TXS2SA-L2-12V   Panasonic TX-S Relay 71907  TXS2SA-12V   90244  CA3SK11BD   SCHNEIDER_Control Relay
90280  833H-1C-C-12   Miniature PCB baby sugar cube relay. 60442  SRSB-24VDC-SL-C   PCB RELAY 62218  HRS3-S-DC12-A   Power Relay
86237  R52-5D40-12   Automotive Relays 77872  942H-1C-12DS-T   PCB Relay 87315  822U-1A-24VDC   PCB Relay
87316  822U-1A-12VDC   PCB Relay 87317  822U-1C-12VDC   PCB Relay 87318  833HM-1C-V-9VDC   PCB Relay
69052  FBR211SBD012-M   Fujitsu Miniature Relay 90454  700-TBR24   "Allen Bradley" Relay 74037  M4S-24HAW   FORWARD_DIL Pitch Terminals, High Sensitivity Relay
69051  FBR211SBD005-M   Fujitsu Miniature Relay (For Signal Switching) 68996  ST1-DC24V-F   Panasonic IC Drivable PCB Relay 68997  ST2-DC24-F   Panasonic IC Drivable PCB Relay
85658  SMIH-12VDC-SL-C   PCB Relay 69050  FBR46NG005-P   Fujitsu Miniature Relay (For Signal Switching) 68995  ST1-DC12V-F   Panasonic IC Drivable PCB Relay
73014  2961105   Pluggable Miniature Relays 72839  882N-1CHA-S   Song Chuan_PCB Trrminal Relay 80297  845HN-2C-C  

       24¡BMetal Can Relays ¡÷ TELEDYNE_Metal Can Relays

54288  712-12   COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL RELAYS 65527  732-12   COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL RELAYS 32218  RF303-12   High Repeatability TO-5 Relays
32215  RF300-5   High Repeatability TO-5 Relays 21377  RF303-5   High Repeatability TO-5 Relays 44650  712-26   TELEDYNE¡@RELAYS
32217  RF300-12   High Repeatability TO-5 Relays 57907  S172-5   Centigrid(R) Surface Mount Commercial Relays 27696  712-5   COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL RELAYS

       25¡BPower Relays ¡÷ RAYEX_Power Relays

       26¡BPower Relays ¡÷ Weidmuller_Power Relays

       27¡BPower Relays ¡÷ OMRON_Power Relays

       28¡BPower Relays ¡÷ IDEC_Power Relays


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