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1.10344-SIL PCB Reed Relays
2.10345-SIL PCB Reed Relays 1PST-NO COIL:12Vdc
3.10346-SIL PCB Reed Relays 1PST-NO COIL:24Vdc (PIN OUT 1357)
4.10347-DIP PCB Reed Relays
5.10348-DIP PCB Reed Relays 1PST-NO COIL:12Vdc
6.10571-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:24Vdc
7.11114-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
8.11116-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:12Vdc
9.11117-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:24Vdc
10.13362-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
11.13363-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:12Vdc
12.16901-SIL PCB Reed Relays 1PST-NO COIL:24Vdc (PIN OUT 1267)
13.17706-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
14.17708-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:12Vdc
15.17709-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:24Vdc
16.17710-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
17.17711-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:12Vdc
18.17712-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
19.17718-SIL PCB Reed Relays 1PST-NO COIL:5Vdc
20.20099-3U_PCB Reed Relay
21.21715-3U_PCB Reed Relay
22.27944-3U_PCB Reed Relay
23.29335-ALPEH_DIP PCB Reed Relays
24.29337-DIP PCB Reed Relay
25.29338-DIP PCB Reed Relay
26.29339-DIP PCB Reed Relay
27.29340-DIP PCB Reed Relay
28.29341-DIP PCB Reed Relay
29.29342-DIP PCB Reed Relay
30.29343-DIP PCB Reed Relay
31.29344-DIP PCB Reed Relay
32.29345-SIL PCB Reed Relay
33.29347-SIL PCB Reed Relay
34.29348-SIL PCB Reed Relay
35.29349-SIL PCB Reed Relay
36.29350-SIL PCB Reed Relay
37.29444-3U_PCB Reed Relay
38.29445-3U_PCB Reed Relay
39.29449-3U_PCB Reed Relay
40.29793-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
41.29794-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
42.29795-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
43.38716-COTO relay
44.39297-ALEPH_SIL PCB Reed Relay
45.39300-ALEPH_SIL PCB Reed Relay
46.42839-REED RELAYS
47.42870-D Series 15kV, 50W high voltage reed relays
48.42871-D Series 10kV, 50W high voltage reed relays
49.47017-BR REED RELAY
50.47024-Bestar_BRS SIP Reed relay
51.47025-Bestar_BRD DIP Reed relay
52.47027-Bestar_BS-115C Sub-Miniature Relay
53.47268-PhotoMOS Relay
54.48264-COTO relay 10W SIP/4P 測量繼電器
56.51710-High Voltage Relays-Reed Relays
57.52819-BR REED RELAY
58.53062-COTO-SIP Reed Relay
59.54651-Crydom_RELAY REED HV 10KV N/O 12VDC PCB
60.54862-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
61.55669-COTO-Reed Relay
62.55936-COTO_Miniature Molded SIP Relay
63.55937-COTO_Miniature Molded SIP Relay
64.55939-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
65.55942-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
66.57768-3U_PCB Reed Relay
67.58104-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
69.58971-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
70.58972-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
71.58973-COTO-SIP Reed Relay
72.58975-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
73.59268-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
74.59889-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
75.59913-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
76.60250-SUN HOLD_DIP PCB Reed Relay
77.60909-Bestar_BS-115C Sub-Miniature Relay
78.61374-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
79.61375-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
80.61735-Bestar_BS-115C Sub-Miniature Relay
81.62285-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
82.64302-BR REED RELAY
83.64658-3U PCB Reed Relay
84.64854-117 SIP 4 PIN REED RELAYS
85.66134-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
87.68231-Reed Relay
88.69817-COSMO Reed Relay
89.71903-COTO Miniature SIP Relay
90.71905-COTO Miniature SIP Relay
91.75045-Tyco Reed Relay
94.79586-Magnecraft_Miniature Reed PCB Relay
95.79839-Cynergy3_High Voltage Reed Relay
96.79840-Cynergy3_High Voltage Reed Relay(Flying lead)
97.85091-Dual In Line Reed Relay
98.85161-Bestar_Sub Miniatrue Relay
99.86026-HE3600 Miniature S.I.L Relay
100.86678-ALPEH_DIP PCB Reed Relays
101.86902-3U_PCB Reed Relay
102.88023-Reed Relay
103.88659-COTO-SIP Reed Relay
104.89165-OKITA Relay
105.89166-OKITA Relay
106.89167-OKITA Relay
107.89260-DIP PCB Reed Relay
108.89407-DIP PCB Reed Relay
109.90627-Miniature SIP Relays
110.90769-COTO_Surface Mount Reed Relay
111.91211-COTO Miniature SIP Relay
112.92507-COTO_Reed Relay
113.94389-OKITA_Surface Mount Reed Relay
114.97570-HE3600 Miniature S.I.L Relay
115.97614-SIL PCB Reed Relays
116.99387-DIP PCB REALAY
117.99540-DIP PCB Reed relay
118.102439-3U_PCB Reed Relay
119.102819-PICKERING_High Voltage SIL Reed Relay
120.102914-PICKERING_High Voltage SIL Reed Relay
121.104132-COTO-SIP Reed Relay
122.104638-PICKERING_Surface mount reed relays
123.104711-Pickering_Mini-SIL reed relays
124.105800-DIP PCB Reed Relays COIL:5Vdc
125.105918-DIP PCB Reed Relay
126.105970-COTO_Miniature Molded SIP Relay
127.106088-ALEPH_DIP PCB reed relay
128.106393-SANYU_3U_PCB reed relay
129.107028-Reed Relays
130.107287-HE3600 Miniature S.I.L Relay
131.107289-HE3600 Miniature S.I.L Relay
132.108175-OKITA_DIP PCB Reed Relay
133.108398-Cynergy3_ high voltage relay
134.108447-Cynergy3_ high voltage relay
135.108720-Cynergy3_ high voltage relay
136.108722-Cynergy3_ high voltage relay
137.108750-COTO SIP relay
138.108789-Cynergy3_ high voltage relay
139.109934-PICKERING_High Voltage SIL Reed Relay
140.110845-DIP PCB Reed Relay
141.111654-Reed Relay
142.114491-3U_Reed Relay
143.115676-COSMO_Reed Relay
144.117177-SIP Series Reed Relay
145.120487-PICKERING_High Voltage SIL Reed Relay
146.124054-SIP&DIP Miniature Reed Relay
147.133290-Standard PCB Through Hole REED RELAY

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