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   11.   Terminals & Test Leads & Spring Probes

       37、Solderless Terminal & Connector → Crimping Tools

       38、Cord End Terminals → Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals

54312  CT210008G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 54310  CE015010G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 54360  CT205008   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
66308  TE1512   Insulated terminals 52722  CE015008F   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(FRENCH) 62774  CE040010G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN)
2952  E4012-GREY-門市包裝   2955  E16-12-GREEN-門市包裝   13917  E1510-RED   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
77041  E0208-VIOLET   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(Violet) 2956  E25-16-BROWN-門市包裝   5625  E1508-RED   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
53923  CT225010G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 6484  TE2510-BLUE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 6485  TE1008-YELLOW-門市包裝  
6487  TE1008-YELLOW   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 6488  TE0508-ORANGE-門市包裝   53835  CE007508F   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(FRENCH)
51476  CE005008F   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(FRENCH) 88817  CE015010F   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 6569  E0508-WHITE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
6489  TE0508-ORANGE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 51479  CE015008G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 57623  CE025008G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
7945  E0206-門市包裝   7946  E0206-Light Blue   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 57624  CE100012G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
88153  E0308-TURQUOISE   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(PINK) 6589  E1008-RED-門市包裝   6590  E1008-RED   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
6591  E1508-BLACK-門市包裝   6592  E1508-BLACK   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 6593  E7508-BLUE-門市包裝  
6594  E7508-BLUE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 6483  TE2510-BLUE-門市包裝   53302  CE002506G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
6550  E0508-WHITE-門市包裝   4890  E2508-BLUE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 54311  CE040012G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN)
10448  E0306-TURQUOISE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 2949  E7508-WHITE-門市包裝   2950  E1008-YELLOW-門市包裝  
2951  E2508-BLUE-門市包裝   藍色圓形德式端子 2953  E6012-BLACK-門市包裝   2954  E10-12-IVORY-門市包裝  
4879  E1008-YELLOW   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 40314  E1010-RED   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 4891  E7508-WHITE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
4893  E4012-GREY   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 4895  E10-12-IVORY   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 4894  E6012-BLACK   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
4896  E16-12-GREEN   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 4906  E25-16-BROWN   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 49929  E4009-GREY   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
77037  E0506-WHITE   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(White) 77038  E0306-PINK   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(PINK) 77039  E0308-PINK   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(PINK)
77040  E0206-VIOLET   KST_Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(E Series)(Violet) 2459  E0508-ORANGE-門市包裝   橘色德式端子 58129  CE060012G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals
50792  CE003406G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 2460  E1508-RED-門市包裝   50793  CE005008G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN)
50794  CE007508G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 50795  CE010008G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN) 50796  CE010008F   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(FRENCH)
10444  E0306-TURQUOISE-門市包裝   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 4271  E0508-ORANGE   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals 70076  CE160012G   Nylon-Insulated Cord End Terminals(GERMAN)

       39、Cord End Terminals → Ratchet Crimp Tool

8573  HT-236E   Ratchet Crimp Tool(Pin terminal insulated or non-insulated ferrules) 83023  HT-5535S1   Ratchet Crimp Tools 13981  YS-02CO-1   Ratchet Crimp Tools
13991  YS-03CO   Ratchet Crimp Tools 13980  YS-02CO   Ratchet Crimp Tools 54075  YAC-8   Cable Ferrules Crimping Tool
17080  YAC-4   Ratchet Crimp Tools 9819  HT-336S   Ratchet Crimp Tools 11511  YAC-5   Ratchet Crimp Tools
40424  HT-236E1   Ratchet Crimp Tools 68151  206-204   Crimping tool 43006  YYT-10   歐式端子壓著鉗
69918  PKY8165   EURO CRIMPER 66487  HT-336A4   Hex series crimping tool,for crimping,F,N,BNC,TNC,UHF,ST,SC,SMA..ETC,connectors 43008  YYT-12   歐式端子壓著鉗
43007  YYT-11   歐式端子壓著鉗

       40、Cord End Terminals → Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals

84848  CN010010   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 57234  EN4010   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 57236  EN0506   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
84266  RNB1-3.2   Non-Insulated Ring Terminal 57238  FDD1-110(8)   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 54151  CN010006   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
44960  EN10-12   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 44962  EN4009   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 44961  EN6010   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
65238  RNBM8-5   NON-INSULATED RING TERMINALS 10053  EN2507-門市包裝   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 47662  JRNB1-3.2   NON-INSULATED RING TERMINALS
66511  EN0308   NON-INSULATED DIN 46228 CORD END TERMINALS 10451  EN1507-門市包裝   10556  EN1006-門市包裝  
10557  EN1006   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 10554  EN7506-門市包裝   10555  EN7506   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
73026  RNBM5-6   KST_Non-Insulated Ring Terminals 58457  CN015007   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 58459  CN040008   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
56767  CN005006   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 56768  CN025007   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 56769  CN007506   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
75864  FDD1-187(8)   KST_VINYL-INSULATED DOUBLE CRIMP FEMALE DISCONNECTORS 58458  CN025008   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 10450  EN0506   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals
10452  EN1507   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 10054  EN2507   Non-Insulated Cord End Terminals 10449  EN0506-門市包裝  

       41、Spring Probes → Spring Probes

54505  R-0VS   PRECISION RECEPTACLES forT-0 Bare Board Probes 54156  R-0VC   PRECISION RECEPTACLES forT-0 Bare Board Probes 63703  R-8VS   Precision Receptacle
56365  T040-0.55D   T-040 Contact Probe Series 56367  T040-0.29F   Spring Probes 62152  F320.09S.135.L.130   Spring Probes
66204  T11-1.3G   T-11 Bare Board Probes 56364  T040-0.55E   T-040 Contact Probe Series 10742  P-048BS-0606/PR-048VS-D360   P-048 Series Precision Probes
62439  H320   PRECISION RECEPTACLES for F320 Bare Board Probes 89021  T25-1.5G   Spring Probes 21394  T25-1.0B-180g   Spring Probes
54016  P-0E1   P-0 Series Precision Probes 37345  P156-H   P156系列探針 54116  P-1E2   P-1 Series Precision Probes
54017  P-0A1   P-0 Series Precision Probes 53786  R-2VC   2# PRECISION RECEPTACLES forT-2 Bare Board Probes 88855  H100WW10/2.0S1   Feinmetall_ICT/FCT Stifte 2.54mm/100mil
12537  T0-0.5D-254   T-0 Bare Board Probe 12539  T1-1.3K   T-1 Bare Board Probes 12541  T1-1.3DS   T-1 Bare Board Probes
72057  H310   PRECISION RECEPTACLES for F320 Bare Board Probes 72059  F310.09S.110.L.090   Spring Probes 12564  T2-1.8A-400   T-2 Bare Board Probes
52735  T9-1.8D-350   T-9 Loaded Board Probe 88854  F100.33S.090.P.300.HP   ICT/FCT Porbes 88922  F875.17K.180.U.135   Feinmetall_Standard Switch Probe(NO)Closer
12566  T2-1.0D-227   T-2 Bare Board Probes 88923  H875KB   Receptacles for solderless Exchange 89350  T0-0.9A   T-0 Bare Board Probe
12538  T0-0.5F-0.15-254   T-0 are Board Probe 12572  F585-10S-063-L-200   Spring Probes 12542  T2-1.8H   T-2 Bare Board Probes
12540  T1-1.3ES   T-1 Bare Board Probes 86688  R-2W1C   2# PRECISION RECEPTACLES forT-2 Bare Board Probes 88115  C-10B23-0730   CCP-10 Series Precision Probes
39231  F585.10S.050.N.200   Spring Probes 11852  C-10B16-0730   CCP-10 Series Precision Probes 28080  F788-33S.060.L.165   Spring Probes
77142  F563.06B.250.G.250.H   Feinmetall_ICT/FCT Probes 12524  T0-1.0E-254   T-0 Bare Board Probe 17925  T030-0.36B   Spring Probes
17926  T030-0.36F   Spring Probes 17927  T030-0.5E   Spring Probes 17928  T040-0.5E   Spring Probes
12478  T111-1.3F-150   T-111 Loaded Board Probes 12501  P-0H-0612   P-0 Series Precision Probes 55327  R-040V(W)-700L   T-040 Contact Probe Series
55328  T040-0.29D   T-040 Contact Probe Series 12756  T1-07F   T-1 Bare Board Probes 12758  T2-1.5H-400   T-2 Bare Board Probes
23767  T11-1.5E   T-11 Bare Board Probes 54639  R-058V   Bare Board Probes 54641  P-058F3  
54640  P-0F1   12750  T0-0.9H-254   T-0 Bare Board Probe 12754  T1-0.7B(SK4)   T-1 Bare Board Probes
23762  T0-0.9E   T-0 Bare Board Probe 23763  T0-0.9T   T-0 Bare Board Probe 23764  T1-1.5T   T-1 Bare Board Probes
23765  T25-1.0T   Spring Probes 23766  T11-1.3T   T-11 Bare Board Probes 47633  R-1VC   R-1Series Precision Peceptacles
47637  P-1A1   P-1 Series Precision Probes 47639  P-0D   P-0 Series Precision Probes 10722  T0-0.5B-254   T-0 Bare Board Probes
12502  T0-0.6E-254   T-0 Bare Board Probe 10723  T0-0.5A-254   T-0 Bare Board Probe 12755  T1-0.7D   T-1 Bare Board Probes
12759  T2-1.0F-227   T-2 Bare Board Probes 12536  T1-1.0E   T-1 Bare Board Probes 12565  T2-1.8ES-400   T-2 Bare Board Probes
12567  T2-1.8T-400   T-2 Bare Board Probes 12753  T1-0.7A   T-1 Bare Board Probes 34624  R-0V(W)-500L   T-0 Bare Board Probes
12757  T1-1.3H   T-1 Bare Board Probes 58402  R-0V(W)-700L   T-0 Bare Board Probes 56516  T040-0.29B   Spring Probes

       42、Terminal Blocks → Polyethylene Screw Terminal

27825  PA10H-12L   Terminal Block (H Type) 3654  PA8F-09P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 3655  PA8F-10P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG
3652  PA8F-08P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 3653  PA8F-07P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 3650  PA8F-04P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG
3651  PA8F-06P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 3661  PA10F-12P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG 3648  PA8F-12P   Terminal Block (Flat Base Type)
3649  PA8F-05P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 3657  PA10F-04P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG 3658  PA10F-08P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG
3659  PA10F-10P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG 3660  PA10F-11P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG 4224  PA10F-06P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG
4223  PA10F-07P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG 3656  PA8F-11P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 18-20AWG 4225  PA10F-09P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG
4222  PA10F-05P   Polyethylene Screw Terminal For 14-18AWG

       43、DIN Rail Mount Type Terminals + Interface Module → DIN Rail Mount Terminal

62460  BNE50W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 80032  JH1A-1.5   Terminals 62887  BNJ56   IDEC_Terminal Blocks
62895  BNJ16   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 62901  BNH15LW   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 62904  BNH10W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks
13942  DK2.5   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal 13944  SL1.5/6   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal 62463  BNH50W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks
62465  BNE30W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 62466  BNH30W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 78993  JH1A-6   Terminals
81691  JH1A-2.5   Terminals 85971  3210224   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85972  3210237   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
20057  LEG039086   LEG039086 5*20 保險絲端子台 71944  16370-3   Power Distribution & Terminal Block 24042  FDK4LED   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal
62898  BNJ46F   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 52947  2002-1201   2-Conductor Through Terminal Blocks-35mm DIN Rail 62907  BNM7   IDEC_Marking Strips
87054  283-677   3-conductor earth terminal block 85959  3209510   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85964  3209536   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
88072  DK10D   DIN Rail terminal block 66890  MCV1.5/4-GF-3.81   PHOENIX Terminal Block 74479  UK2.5B   PHOENIX_Feed-through modular terminal block (Screw connection)
17851  DDK2.5C   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal-Cover Of Double Deck 86043  3210169   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 86044  3210567   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
86045  3210596   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85965  3209578   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85967  3209594   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
85968  3209549   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85969  3209565   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 85999  3210156   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
86042  3210185   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 86053  3210198   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks 86052  3210583   PHOENIX_DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
17850  DKK2.5   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal -Double Deck 32150  BNL5   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 48297  BNJ26FW   IDEC_Terminal Blocks
48291  BNE15W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 48293  BNL6   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 69015  DK2.5N   DIN Rail terminal block
48292  BNDE15W   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 48296  BNJ16F   IDEC_Terminal Blocks 73250  BNS3   IDEC_DIN Rail Stand-Offs
73275  UK3N   PHOENIX_Feed-through modular terminal block 73281  UK6N   PHOENIX _Feed-through modular terminal block 73287  UDK3   PHOENIX_1-level terminal block with double connection on both sides
73290  UKK3   PHOENIX_Feed-through terminal block 13943  DK6   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal 13945  KDK2.5   S+DK Series-DIN Rail Mount Terminal

       44、DIN Rail Mount Type Terminals + Interface Module → Cross Reference of Jumpers

54534  281-301   END AND INTERMEDIATE PLATE 61825  DK2.5-PE   軌道式端子台終端隔板 66665  DS2.5-4P   Cross Reference Jumper
66666  CSC2.5-4P   10P Cross Reference Jumper 10992  WAGO-282   Cross Jumpers 10993  WAGO-281   Cross Jumpers
13946  DS2.5-10P   Cross Reference Jumper 24038  DS2.5-2P   Cross Reference Jumper 24039  DS2.5-3P   Cross Reference Jumper
24040  DS6-02P   CROSS REFERENCE OF JUMP 77*18mm 24041  DS6-03P   Jumpers 24050  FDK4C  
24051  CSC2.5-2P   2P Cross Reference Jumper 24052  CSC2.5-3P   3P Cross Reference Jumper 29821  DK2.5C   軌道式端子台終端隔板
24053  CSC2.5-10P   10P Cross Reference Jumper 85950  3211003   PHOENIX_End cover 74484  D-UK2.5   PHOENIX_End cover
86057  285-407   Voltage tap for 95 mm2 high current terminal blocks 85924  3211317   PHOENIX_End cover 69016  DK4NC   軌道式端子台終端隔板
54443  281-101   2-CONDUCTOR THROUGH TERMINAL BLOCK 66522  DSS2.5-02P   Cross jumper-Central type 73277  D-UK4/10   PHOENIX_End cover
73278  EBL10-5   PHOENIX_Insertion bridge 73291  D-UKK3/5   PHOENIX_End cover 73289  D-UDK4   PHOENIX_End cover
73279  FBRI 10-5N   PHOENIX_Fixed bridge 13947  DS6-10P   Jumpers 77*18mm

       45、DIN Rail Mount Type Terminals + Interface Module → DIN Rail Mounted Interface Assemblies

59874  ADAM-3951-BE   50PIN DIN_rail Wiring Board LED lndicators

       46、DIN Rail Mount Type Terminals + Interface Module → DIN Rail Mount & Accessories

48295  BNC240   IDEC_Terminal Blocks-Dust Covers-100mm 48294  BNC230   IDEC_Terminal Blocks-Dust Covers-100mm 50267  TBR-10C   TDA_Terminal disk protection covered 10A
16605  EN011512017   1 Input 1Output Terminal 68958  TS-35-1M   U Type Rail 50268  TBR-20C   TDA_Terminal disk protection covered 20A
73267  E/UK   PHOENIX_End clamp 73282  ZBFM 5/WH,LGS:1-120   PHOENIX_Zack strip,flat 16511  TBD-20H   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket-Double Deck 20A
16509  TBR-10-1   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket 87055  283-352   END AND INTERMEDIATE PLATE 2.5 MM / 0.098 IN THICK 11201  TBR-N   1M Rail
47747  TS-35-2000   U Type Rail 16512  TBR-10H   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket-10~30A 45498  TBU-4N   Terminal Blocks4mm/32A
45639  TBU-6E   Terminal Blocks 45642  TBU-10E   Terminal Blocks 45643  TBU-16E   Terminal Blocks
45644  TBU-35E   Terminal Blocks 39184  TBR-30-10   DIN Rail Mount Terminal 39187  TBR-30-1   DIN Rail Mount Terminal
16510  TBD-20   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket- Double Deck 14144  TBC-F   TCB Terminal End Bracket 14145  TBR-F   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket
86427  PTW-SS10   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket 45611  TBU-2E   Terminal Blocks 45561  TBU-10N   Terminal Blocks6mm/10mm/57A
45552  TBU-6N   Terminal Blocks6mm/41A 62755  BAA1000   IDEC_BAA Type Rail 13940  TS-35A-200   DIN Rail 200CM
45628  TBU-4E   Terminal Blocks 62459  BNC320   IDEC_Terminal Blocks-Dust Covers-100mm 13948  SS3   DIN End Bracket
45565  TBU-16N   Terminal Blocks6mm/16mm/76A 14399  TS-35-0250   U Type Rail 13949  SS4   DIN End Bracket
11807  TBC-N   1M Rail 14400  TS-35-12.5   U Type Rail 45606  TBU-35N   Terminal Blocks6mm/35mm/125A
53836  TBD-10H   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket-Double Deck 10A 45017  TBR-20-1   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket 45019  TBR-10-10   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket
45071  TB25-3   25A 3P. Solid-type terminal block 45023  TBR-20-10   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket 45025  TB-10   solid-type terminal block
45073  TB25-4   25A 4P. Solid-type terminal block 45076  TB25-6   25A 6PSolid-type terminal block 45077  TB25-12   25A 12P Solid-type terminal block
43416  TBD-10   DIN Rail Mount Terminal End Bracket- Double Deck 13941  TS-32A-100M   DIN Rail 100CM

       47、Water Proof Heat Shrinkable Terminals(with Adhesive Tubing) → Heat Shrinkable-Butt Splice Connectors-Tubular Type

6503  BHT1-門市包裝   6442  BHT2-門市包裝   6437  BHT5-門市包裝  


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