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1.2310-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
2.2367-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*31Pins
3.2728-P.C.I. Connector
4.2919-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
5.2922-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
6.3757-3.96mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
7.3811-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*18Pins
8.4147-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
9.4148-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
10.4149-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
11.4150-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
12.4151-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
13.4152-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
14.4153-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
15.4154-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
16.4155-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
17.4156-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
18.4158-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*10Pins
19.4163-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*13Pins
20.4164-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*17Pins
21.4165-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*20Pins
22.4166-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*25 Pins
23.4167-2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector 2*30Pins
24.12545-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
25.14413-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors 2*60Pins
26.14577-AGP Direct PCB Edge Connectors
27.16176-P.C.I. Connector 120P
28.17469-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
29.22494-PCB Edge Connector
30.22495-PCB Edge Connector
31.27147-P.C.I. 連接座 184P
32.28926-3M_2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector
33.28927-3M_2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector
34.39679-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
35.39739-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
36.40197-P.C.I. Connector 164P
37.48826-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
38.53917-3M_2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector
39.53918-3M_2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector
40.53919-3M_2.54mm IDC Card-Edge Connector
41.60166-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
42.61265-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
43.72124-CONN EDGE 80 CNTCTS SLD TAIL 0.125"
44.75027-0.80mm Pitch, 4.00mm Height, PCI Express* Mini Card, 52 Circuit, Right Angle, SMT, 0.25µm (10µ") Gold (Au) Plating
45.82765-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
46.85457-P.C.I. Connector 120PP
47.85634-P.C.I. 連接座 240P
48.85787-805 2*12P Solt Socket
49.92247-"SULLINS" Micro Plastics Edgecard
50.92325-3M Par 100 Card Edge
51.92616-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
52.93202-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
53.98834-2.54mm PCB Edge Connector
54.110086-3.96 Socket
55.110087-3.96 Socket
56.110091-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
57.110094-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
58.110095-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
59.110096-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
60.110097-3.96mm PCB Edge Connectors
61.115477-3.96mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
62.115517-3.96mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
63.116437-AGP Direct PCB Edge Connector
64.120158-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
65.120637-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
66.120638-3.96mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
67.120639-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
68.120640-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
69.120655-3.69mm Solder SOLT Socket (Gold-Plated)
70.123786-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
71.123787-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
72.123788-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
73.123789-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
74.123790-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors
75.123792-2.54mm PCB Edge Connectors

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