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1.2360-DC ∮2.1*5.5*9mm d.c. Power Plugs
2.3796-DC Socket
3.3797-DC JACK
4.3817-DC Power Sockets-Classic Mounting
5.3818-DC Power Sockets-Classic Mounting
6.3820-DC JACK
7.3821-DC Power Sockets- Classic Mounting
8.5901-D.C Connector 1.75*4mm
9.5905-1.7*4.75mm DC Power Cable (For Walkman)
10.5906-1.7*4mm DC Power Cable (For Walkman)
11.7075-DC Plug
13.8065-0.7mm∮DC Plug
14.8081-DC Line Socket
15.8082-DC Line Socket
16.8349-0.7*2.35 JACK Plug Leads For Wall Transformer
17.9950-1.3*3.5mm DC Plug
18.9951-DC Plug ( Phenolic resin)
19.11257-DC3.1 Plug
20.11396-DC Power Plug
21.12934-1.1*0.3 Plug Phenolic resin DC插頭
22.12953-Plugs 5.5*2.1 (180°)
23.13184-JACK Plug For Wall Transformer
24.13259-Plugs 5.5*2.5
25.14312-DC2.5*5.5 JACK Plug Leads For Wall Transformer
26.15036-DC1.0*3.8mm Plug
27.16137-Plugs 5.5*2.5
28.16887-JACK Plug Leads For Wall Transformer
29.17466-DC Power Jack
30.19769-DC JACK
31.21810-d.c. Power Plug
32.23671-d.c. Power Plug
33.28109-DC1.3*3.5 Power
34.38541-Plugs 3.5*1.35 (90°)
35.40340-Plugs 3.5*1.3 (180°)
36.40342-Plugs 3.0*1.1 (180°)
37.40343-Plugs 4*1.7 (180°)
38.48348-Plugs 0.7*2.35 (180°)
39.48866-1.3*3.5mm DC Plug
40.54102-1.3*3.5mm DC Plug
41.56335-DC ∮2.1*5.5*9mm d.c. Power Plugs
42.58820-D.C Connector
43.62118-DC Power Socket
44.65673-DC Power Socket
45.71126-CON PWR JCK 2.5 X 6.0mm HIGH CUR
46.76312-DC 電源連接器 2.5MM LONG BUSHING
48.86854-DC 1.3 Male to 2.5 Female
49.86855-DC 2.1 Male to 1.3 Female
50.86856-DC 2.1 Male to 2.5 Female
51.86857-DC 2.5 Male to 2.1 Female
52.86858-DC 2.5 Male to 1.3 Female
53.89768-DC Line Socket
54.90044-DC Power Jack
55.90282-Dc Power Socket- Classic Mounting
56.90318-DC Power Socket- Classic Mounting
57.90319-DC Power Socket- Classic Mounting
58.91705-DC5.5*2.1 Plug+VH3.96_2P Cable
60.97542-DC Plug Male
61.97543-DC Female Plug 5.5*2.1
62.97931-DC Jack 5.5*2.1mm Power-30CM 22#
63.97933-DC Jack 5.5*2.1mm Power
64.98235-DC Jack 5.5*2.1mm Power Line
65.98401-DC Line Socket
66.99314-DC Power Plugs Set for 8 sizes
67.99534-Dc Power Socket- Classic Mounting
68.99535-D.C Connector
69.100171-DC Jack 5.5*2.1mm Power-Female
70.100236-DC JACK
71.102331-Combo DC Jack
72.105312-DC Transparent Waterproof Male and Female Connector Line
73.105737-DC 2.5* 0.7mm Power Line
74.105740-DC 7.9*5.5mmPower Line
75.105741-DC 3.5*1.35mmPower Line
76.105742-DC 5.5*2.1mmPower Line
77.105743-DC 5.5*2.5mm Power Line
78.109044-DC Plug 5.5*2.1
79.109992-DC Power Socket- Classic Mounting
80.109993-DC Power Socket- Classic Mounting
81.110090-DC3.5*1.35mm Power Line
82.110092-DC5.5*2.1mm Power Line
83.110141-DC Power Jack
84.110354-CUI_DC Power Jack
85.112022-DC Male Locking Plug Wire
86.112023-DC Female Locking Plug Wire
87.112328-DC5.5*2.1(F) to MicroUSB(M)
88.112329-DC5.5*2.1(F) to 2.5*0.7(M)
89.112330-DC5.5*2.1(F) to 4.0*1.7(M)
90.112783-DC5.5*2.1 Power Cable
91.112791-Power Socket
92.113445-DC5.5*2.1(F) to 1.35*3.5(M)
93.114624-D.C Connector 4.75*1.75mm

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