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1.2551-D-Sub 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
2.3446-Mini Gender Changer
3.5266-2.5HD To 3.5HD Adaptor
4.5298-Power Extension Cable
5.5313-SCSI Adaptor HD68F/ID50F
6.5316-Mini 9-9-Pin Serial Adaptor
7.5318-ATX To AT Power Cable
8.5321-Mini 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
9.5326-Mini NULL 9-9-Pin Adaptor
10.5328-Mini NULL 25-25-Pin Adaptor
11.5565-Mini 9-9-Pin Serial Adaptor
12.5566-Mini 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
13.6038-Mini DB25-25-Pin Adaptor
14.6096-Power Extension Cable
15.6853-DB13W3M/HD15F Adaptor
16.7452-Mini DB25-25-Pin Adaptor
17.7453-Mini DB25-25-Pin Adaptor
18.8002-SCSI Adaptor HD68M/ID50M
19.8148-D-Sub 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
20.8149-D-Sub 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
21.8244-Power Extension Cable
22.8305-SCSI-C50F-IDC50M-CARD Changer Card
23.8306-D-Sub 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
24.9584-Mini 3 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
25.10025-AT To ATX Power Cable
26.11781-Mini DB15-15-Pin Adaptor
27.11821-Mini 9-25-Pin Serial Adaptor
28.11934-Mini 3 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
29.14562-Mini MGC 50 Adaptor
30.14776-Mini 2 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
31.14836-Mini MGC25-25-Pin Adaptor
32.15738-Mini 37-37-Pin Adaptor(Male to Female)
33.15915-Mini 37-37-Pin Adaptor(Female to Female)
34.16451-Mini 3 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
35.17143-Mini 9M-6F Adaptor
36.17164-Mini 2 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
37.17581-USB(F) To PS/2 6P(M) Adaptor
38.17582-USB Adaptor
39.17907-USB AM To PS/2 6PF
40.20113-Mini MGC25-25-Pin Adaptor
41.21856-USB AF To PS/2 6PM
42.23146-Mini 9M-6M Adaptor
43.23289-Mini 6-6-Pin Serial Adaptor
44.28099-USB Adaptor A Female to A Female
45.31884-USB A Male To Mini 5PIN
47.36567-迷你MGC 5母6公轉換頭
48.41691-DVI Adaptor
49.41692-DVI24+5(M)-HD15(F) Adaptor
50.42826-USB AM To Mini 5PIN
51.42862-Mini NULL 9-9-Pin Adaptor
52.42864-Mini 36-36-Pin Serial Adaptor
53.43113- Adaptor 15F/15F
54.50249-Mini 37-37-Pin Adaptor(Male to Male)
55.63464-USB A(F) to B(M)
56.65298-USB A(M) TO 1394 6P CONNECT
57.66818-DVI24+5(M)-VGA15(F) Adaptor
59.82211- Adaptor DB15M/HD15M
60.84366-Mini NULL 9-9-Pin Adaptor
61.89369-USB ADAPTER A(M) to A(F)
63.91449-Standard type HDMI Adapter
64.91450-MINI type HDMI Adapter
65.91452-MICRO type HDMI Adapter
66.96076-Display port male to HDMI Female Adapter
67.96186-Micro USB B公 TO DC
68.97878-DVI24+5/F-VGA/M Adaptor
69.97879-DVI24+1/M-HDMI/F Adapter
70.97880-DVI24+5/M-HDMI/F Adapter
71.97881-DVI24+5/F-HDMI/M Adapter
72.97882-DVI24+1/F-HDMI Adapter
73.98781-Standard type HDMI Adapter
74.100349-AP-LINK HDMI Male to Male Adapter
75.100457-Standard type HDMI Adapter
76.100524-SCSI Adaptor HD68F/ID50M
77.101843-USB Adaptor A Male to A Female
78.102049-VGA 3 Row 15-15-Pin Adaptor
79.106653-ADAPTER, USB A-USB B
80.113945-DP Female-Female Adapter
81.113946-SCSI Female Connector 68P

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