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1.9531-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
2.9533-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
3.9558-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
4.38944-Adj. Capacitance
5.38945-Adj. Capacitance
6.38949-Adj. Capacitance
7.38950-Adj. Capacitance
8.38951-Adj. Capacitance
9.38952-Adj. Capacitance
10.38953-Adj. Capacitance
11.38954-Adj. Capacitance
12.38955-Adj. Capacitance
13.43722-STD_SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
14.43723-STD_SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
15.43724-STD_SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
16.43725-STD_SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
17.43726-STD_SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
18.49268-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
19.64078-Adj. Capacitance
20.66552-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
21.68711-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
22.68712-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
23.68713-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
25.68715-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
26.68716-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
27.68717-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
28.68718-MuRata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
29.71277-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
30.71278-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
31.71279-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
32.71280-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
33.71281-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
34.71301-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
35.71302-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
36.71303-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
37.71304-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
38.71306-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_3mm
39.71372-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
40.71373-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
41.71374-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
42.71375-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
43.71376-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
44.71377-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
45.71378-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
46.71382-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
47.71383-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
48.71384-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
49.71385-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
50.71387-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
51.71388-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
52.71389-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
53.71390-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor_4mm
54.89263-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
55.89264-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
56.89265-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
57.89266-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
58.94980-Adjustable Ceramic Capacitor
59.96506-MURATA_Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
60.96507-MURATA_Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
61.98656-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
62.98848-Trimmer Capacitor
63.101144-Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors

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