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1.4706-Copper Magnet Wire
2.4707-Copper Magnet Wire
3.4708-Copper Magnet Wire
4.4709-Copper Magnet Wire
5.4731-Tinned Copper Wire
6.4732-Tinned Copper Wire
7.5527-Copper Magnet Wire
8.5528-Copper Magnet Wire
9.5529-Copper Magnet Wire
10.5612-Copper Magnet Wire
11.5618-Copper Magnet Wire
12.5619-Copper Magnet Wire
13.5621-Copper Magnet Wire
14.5622-Copper Magnet Wire
15.5624-Copper Magnet Wire
16.7063-Electrical Shielding Tape
17.7065-3M_Electrical Grounding Braid
18.7915-Copper Magnet Wire
19.7916-Copper Magnet Wire
20.7917-Copper Magnet Wire
21.7918-Copper Magnet Wire
22.8852-Tinned Copper Wire
23.8853-Tinned Copper Wire
24.11513-Copper Magnet Wire
25.11514-Copper Magnet Wire
26.11515-Copper Magnet Wire
27.11516-Copper Magnet Wire
28.11517-Copper Magnet Wire
29.11518-Copper Magnet Wire
30.11519-Copper Magnet Wire
31.11520-Copper Magnet Wire
32.11521-Copper Magnet Wire
33.11522-Copper Magnet Wire
34.11679-Copper Magnet Wire
35.15480-Flat Copper Braid 48/19/0.12T
36.15486-Flat Copper Braid24/7/0.12T
37.15515-Flat Copper Braid
38.15749-Copper Magnet Wire
39.23990-Flat Copper Braid 48/7/0.12T
40.27001-Copper Magnet Wire
41.30656-Flat Copper Braid
42.33727-Copper Magnet Wire
43.35174-Bare copper wire
44.39658-Copper Magnet Wire
45.39887-Copper Magnet Wire
46.40277-Flat Copper Braid 24/15/0.12T
47.40579-Copper Magnet Wire
48.48478-Flat Copper Braid(fiberglass)
49.49815-Copper Magnet Wire
50.53160-Flat Copper Braid
51.53162-Flat Copper Braid
52.53163-Flat Copper Braid
53.53164-Flat Copper Braid
54.53165-Flat Copper Braid
55.53166-Flat Copper Braid
56.53167-Flat Copper Braid
57.53168-Flat Copper Braid
58.53170-Flat Copper Braid
59.53171-Flat Copper Braid
60.53172-Flat Copper Braid
61.53173-Flat Copper Braid
62.53174-Flat Copper Braid
63.53175-Flat Copper Braid
64.53177-Flat Copper Braid
65.53178-Flat Copper Braid
66.53179-Flat Copper Braid
67.53180-Flat Copper Braid
68.53181-Flat Copper Braid
69.53182-Flat Copper Braid
70.53183-Flat Copper Braid
71.53184-Flat Copper Braid
72.57691-Copper Magnet Wire
73.57999-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
74.58000-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
75.58001-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
76.58002-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
77.58003-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
78.58025-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
79.58026-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
80.58027-PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
81.58514-Copper Magnet Wire
82.58515-Copper Magnet Wire
83.58516-Copper Magnet Wire
84.58719-Flat Copper Braid
85.59236-Copper Magnet Wire
86.61093-Copper Magnet Wire
87.61621-Flat Copper Braid(fiberglass)
88.61753-Copper Magnet Wire
89.62634-Copper Magnet Wire
90.64079-Copper Magnet Wire
91.77296-Copper Magnet Wire
92.77300-Copper Magnet Wire
93.79290-Copper Magnet Wire
94.83573-Copper Magnet Wire
95.85118-Copper Magnet Wire
96.85504-Flat Copper Braid
97.88301-Copper Magnet Wire
98.91378-Copper Magnet Wire
99.91379-Copper Magnet Wire
100.91380-Copper Magnet Wire
101.91842-Copper Magnet Wire
102.92140-Flat Copper Braid
103.96173-Copper Magnet Wire
104.97408-Copper Magnet Wire
105.97411-Copper Magnet Wire
106.97412-Copper Magnet Wire
107.97413-Copper Magnet Wire
108.97416-Copper Magnet Wire
109.105252-Copper Magnet Wire
110.106698-Copper Magnet Wire
111.107254-Copper Magnet Wire
112.108118-Copper Magnet Wire
113.108122-Flat Copper Braid24/6/0.18T
114.114646-Flat Copper Braid

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