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1.8814-Intsite Insulation PVC Extention Wire (For Thermoelectricity Use)
2.13164-Extention Wire(For Thermo-element)
3.14888-Plug K-Type (For Temperature Stick)
4.16589-Female Mini-Connector J-Type
5.17203-Female Mini-Connector K-Type
6.18399-4/0.32 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
7.19722-Male Mini-Connector T-Type
8.19723-Female Mini-Connector T-Type
9.23966-Extention Wire
10.31135-Plug K-Type (For Temperature Stick)
11.31136-Female Mini-Connector K-Type
12.36245-Plug K-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
13.48240-4/0.32 Thermocouple Bare Wire
14.51363-Extention Wire
15.54600-Female Mini-Connector K-Type
16.54601-Plug K-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
17.57074-Extention Wire
18.57075-Glass Fiber Extention Wire
19.57557-4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
20.57558-4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
21.58499-7/0.32 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
22.64356-OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.255*305m
23.70557-4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
24.72592-4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
25.75228-T-Type Teflon Thermocouple Wire
26.83246-Mini Plug S-Type (For Temperature Stick)
27.86003-OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.254*305m
28.86004-OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.255*305m
29.86181-OMEGA_Universal Snap-In Panel Jack
30.86201-J Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F)
31.86203-T Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F)
32.86204-OMEGA_T Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F)
33.89743-4/0.32 Thermocouple Bare Wire
34.90204-Extention Wire(For Thermo-element)
35.94758-Standard Size round pin Thermocouple Connector
36.95481-Extention Wire(For Thermo-element)
37.107835-Plug K-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
38.107836-Plug J-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
39.107837-Plug T-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
40.112078-3-Prong Standard Heavy Duty Connector
41.112079-Most Popular Standard Connector
42.112080-E Type Quick Connector Receptacle
43.112081-E Type Quick Connector Receptacle
44.112082-Most Popular Standard Connector
45.112083-Most Popular Standard Connector
46.113054-Quick Connector
47.113437-T Type Quick Connector Receptacle
48.113438-Most Popular Standard Connector
49.113591-OMEGA_Thermocoupl Wire
50.113592-OMEGA_Thermocoupl Wire
51.113626-OMEGA_Thermocoupl Wire
52.113627-OMEGA_Thermocoupl Wire
53.113629-OMEGA_Thermocoupl Wire
54.114004-LABFACILITY_Thermocouple Connector, Socket, ANSI, Miniature, PCB Mount

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