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1.2970-Belden 1583A Cat. 5e High Performance Twisted Pair Data Cables
2.2971-Belden 1227A-1 Cat. 3 Unshielded Twisted Pair Data Cables
3.2973-Belden_Data Twist 350MHz Superior Performance Twisted Pair Data Cable
4.2974-Belden RG-59/U Coxial CATV Cable
5.2975-Belden RG-174/U Miniature Coax for Video and Computer Application
6.2976-Belden_RG-316/U Coxial High-Tempeture MIL-C-17 Cables
7.2986-Belden_RG-178B/U MIL-C-17G M17/169-00001
8.8592-Belden_50 ohm Transmission and Computer Coaxial Cable
9.8593-Belden_RS-232/ RS-485 Low Capacitance Cable
10.8594-Belden_RS-232/ RS-485 Low Capacitance Cable
11.8595-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM
12.8596-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM
13.8597-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM Cable
14.11789-Belden_High-Conductivity Copper Speaker Cable
15.13904-Belden_RG-316/U Coxial High-Tempeture MIL-C-17 Cables
16.14201-Belden RG-6/U Coxial CATV Cable
17.23788-Belden_RG-59/U CATV
18.28258-Belden_Paired-Low Capacitance EIA RS-485 Cable
19.29029-Belden_1584A Cat.5e FTP
20.29715-Belden_RS-232/RS-423 Low Capacitance Cable
21.29787-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance Cable
22.29788-Belden_RS-485 Low Capacitance Cable
23.29791-Belden_RS-232 / RS-423 Low Capacitance Cable
24.32134-Belden_Audio AND Instrumentation
25.36244-Belden_Audio AND Instrumentation
26.36247-Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable
27.36260-Belden _Audio and Instrumentation Cables
28.36268-Belden_Audio and Instrumentation Cables
29.36273-Audio Cable
30.36276-Belden_Audio and Instrumentation Cables
31.36277-Belden_Audio and Instrumentation Cables
32.36279-Belden_Audio and Instrumentation Cables
33.36288-Paired - CM Rated Cable
34.36293-Paired - CM Rated Cable
35.36294-Paired - Shielded Twisted Pair Cable
36.36295-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM Cable
37.36716-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM Cable
38.36723-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM Cable
39.36737-Belden_RS-422 CAD/CAM Cable
40.36742-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance Cable
41.36747-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance Cable
42.36751-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance
43.36755-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance
45.36762-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance
46.36767-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance
47.40459-RG-179/U Belden 83264
48.42529-Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulation. Rated 105℃, 600V.
49.42536-Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulation. Rated 105℃, 600V.
50.42537-Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulation. Rated 105 ℃, 600V.
51.42546-18 AWG stranded (19x30) TC conductors, plenum, FEP insulation, twisted pair
52.44249-Belden 7927A Cat.6 High Performance Twisted Pair Data Cable
53.44816-Coax - 50 Ohm Triax
54.47310-Belden_Coax Cable
55.48596-Belden_8770 Non-Paired - Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable
56.49792-Belden_RG188A/U Coxial High-Tempeture MIL-C-17D Cables
57.49796-Belden_RRG-142B/U Coxial High-Tempeture MIL-C-17G Cables
58.51848-BELDEN CABLE 19506
59.54125-22AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, Beldfoil(100% Coverage) +TC Braid Shield(65% Coverage)
60.54166-Belden_RG-180B/U Coxial High-Tempeture MIL-C-17G Cables
61.54168-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance Cable
62.54483-Belden_Multi-Conductor-DeviceBus for ODVA DeviveNet
63.54484-Belden_Muti-Conductor-DeviceBus for ODVA DeviceNet
64.54485-Belden_ Muti-Conductor-DeviceBus for ODVA DeviceNet
65.54486-Belden_Coax-ControlNet Quad Shielded Coax
66.54487-Belden_Multi-Conductor-EIA Industrial RS-485 PLTC/CM
67.54488-Belden_Computer and Instrumentation Cable
68.54489-Belden_Computer and Instrumentation Cable
69.54490-Belden_Computer and Instrumentation Cable
70.54491-Belden_Paired - Shielded Twisted Pair Cable
71.54492-Belden_Line Level Analog Audio Cable
72.55631-Belden RS-485 Low Capacitance Computer Cable
73.56467-Belden RS-232/422 Low Capacitance Computer Cable
74.56471-Belden_Paired-Low Capacitance EIA RS-485 Cable
75.56946-BELDEN_Precision Video Cable for Analog and Digital
76.57191-High-Conductivity Copper Speaker Cable Twisted Jacketed Con
77.57446-High-Conductivity Copper Speaker Cable Twisted Jacketed Con
78.57447-Audio Control And Instrunmentation Cable
79.59102-Belden_22AWG Stranded(7x30) Bare Copper Conductors, Beldfoil(100% Coverage) +TC Braid Shield(65% Coverage)
80.59106-Belden_18AWG Stranded(7x26) TC ,Beldfoil(100% Shield Coverage) ,Timmed Copper Drain Wire
81.59108-Belden_24AWG Stranded(7x32) TC, Twisted Pairs, Overall Beldfoil shield(100% Coverage)
82.59109-Belden_24AWG Stranded(7x32) TC, S-R PVC Insulation, Overall BeldfoilR(100% Coverage), TC Braid Shield (65% Coverage)
83.60061-Belden_75Ohm High-Frequency Cable Conformable Coax Cable
84.60062-Belden_75Ohm High-Frequency Cable Conformable Coax Cable
85.66536-Belden_Coax Cable
86.66537-Belden_Coax Cable
87.74055-Belden_PVC insulation Wire
88.85675-Belden_RS-232 Low Capacitance
89.85941-Belden_1634A Multi-Conductor-Types 1A
90.85942-Belden_1215A Multi-Conductor-Type 6A
91.87284-Belden_7921A Multi-Conductor-Category 5e DataTuff Twisted Pair Cable
92.88289-Low noise, RG-58/U Type, 22 AWG stranded (7x30) .030" TC conductor, polyethylene insulation, Conductive layer, PVC jacket.
93.89441-Paired-Category 6 Unbonded-Pair Cable
95.89452-Multi-Conductor-low Capacitance Computer Cable for EIA RS-232/422
96.89735-BELDEN Hook-up/lead UL AWM Style 1015
97.89736-Hook-up/lead UL AWM Style 1015
98.89737-9407 Multi-conductor 300V Power-limited Tray Cable
99.89848-9434 Multi-conductor-Audio,Control and instrumentation cable
100.89854-Belden 600V Tray Cable
101.89857-Belden 8769 Multi-Conductor CM Rated Cable
102.89860-Belden 9944 Computer Cable for EIA RS-232 Applications
103.89864-Audio,Control and Instrumentation Cable
105.93541-9843 Multi-Conductor - Low Capacitance Computer Cables for EIA RS-485 Applications
106.97461-Spiral wrapping band
107.110491-Multi-Conductor-low Capacitance Computer Cable for EIA RS-232/422
108.110886-BELDEN_1813A Multi-Conductor-Two-Conductor, Low-Impedance Cable

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