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       86、UL 1007 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1007 (Solid) PVC Hook-up Wire

10943  1007-22-單-紫   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 21849  1007-24-單-棕   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 21851  1007-24-單-棕   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14437  1007-22-單-黑   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14438  1007-22-單-藍   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14439  1007-24-單-白   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
9255  1007-24-單-綠   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 9256  1007-22-單-黃   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7632  1007-22-單-紅   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
7633  1007-22-單-白   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7634  1007-22-單-黑   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 21850  1007-24-單-橘   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
21848  1007-24-單-橘   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7640  1007-22-單-橙   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7641  1007-22-單-藍   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
7642  1007-24-單-黑   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 13070  1007-24-單-紫   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7635  1007-24-單-藍   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
7637  1007-24-單-黃   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7636  1007-24-單-紅   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 7638  1007-24-單-灰   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
7639  1007-24-單-白   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 12523  1007-22-單-棕   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14814  1007-22-單-橙   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14816  1007-22-單-白   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14818  1007-22-單-黃   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14820  1007-22-單-棕   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14821  1007-22-單-紫   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14822  1007-24-單-黑   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14823  1007-24-單-藍   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14824  1007-24-單-綠   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14825  1007-24-單-紅   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14826  1007-24-單-黃   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14827  1007-24-單-灰   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14828  1007-24-單-紫   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14849  1007-加工費_塑膠軸子  
14815  1007-22-單-紅   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 10942  1007-22-單-灰   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 10935  1007-22-單-綠   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
14817  1007-22-單-綠   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 14819  1007-22-單-灰   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire

       87、UL 1007 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1007 PVC Insulated Hook-up Wire

8706  1007-26-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8708  1007-26-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 84331  1007-16-多-深藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
11286  1007-24-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27215  1007-24-多-紫   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 11220  1007-26-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
27216  1007-24-多-紫   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 27217  1007-24-多-灰   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 27219  1007-24-多-橙   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire
27218  1007-24-多-灰   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 27221  1007-24-多-橙   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 27222  1007-22-多-灰   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
27496  1007-20-多-橙   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27497  1007-20-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27495  1007-20-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
82028  1007-16-多- 藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 13839  1007-18-多-門市商品   13840  1007-20-多-門市商品  
13842  1007-22   13843  1007-24-多   13844  1007-26   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire
9257  1007-22-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27633  1007-20-多-灰   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 9259  1007-26-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
9261  1007-26-多-灰   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 9262  1007-26-多-橙   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 9260  1007-26-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
9263  1007-26-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8675  1007-20-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8684  1007-24-多-黃   UL1007 Mulitcore Hook-up Wire
8681  1007-22-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8705  1007-26-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8707  1007-26-多-灰   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8709  1007-26-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8710  1007-26-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27223  1007-22-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
23286  1007-26-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8683  1007-24-多-紅   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 8703  1007-26-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8685  1007-24-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8686  1007-24-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8687  1007-24-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8688  1007-24-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8682  1007-22-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8704  1007-26-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
25027  1007-24-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 25028  1007-24-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8660  1007-16-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8672  1007-20-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8674  1007-20-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8677  1007-22-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8678  1007-22-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 17633  1007-26-多-橙   UL1007 (Solid) Hook-up Wire 8680  1007-22-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
17632  1007-22-多-棕   多芯電子線 UL1007 13836  1007-16-多-門市商品   12835  1007-18-多-橙   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
7627  1007-22-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 7628  1007-22-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 7629  1007-22-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
7630  1007-22-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 12834  1007-18-多-棕   UL 1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 7631  1007-26-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
15334  1007-22-多-橙   UL1007 單芯電子線 26218  1007-24-多-紅   UL1007 multicore Hook-up Wire 23793  1007-24-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8676  1007-20-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8679  1007-22-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27432  1007-24-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
27433  1007-24-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27437  1007-24-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 27224  1007-22-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
27430  1007-24-多-黃   UL1007 Mulitcore Hook-up Wire 80789  1007-16-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 75832  1007-28-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8662  1007-16-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8664  1007-18-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8665  1007-18-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8663  1007-16-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8666  1007-18-多-綠   UL Multicore Hook-up Wire 8667  1007-18-多-藍   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8668  1007-18-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8669  1007-18-多-白   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8670  1007-18-多-黑   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
8673  1007-20-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 10936  1007-22-多-棕   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 10937  1007-26-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
10938  1007-22-多-橙   UL1007 Multicore HooK-up Wire 11217  1007-26-多-黃   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 10933  1007-22-多-綠   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire
10941  1007-22-多-灰   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 11219  1007-26-多-紫   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire 8671  1007-20-多-紅   UL1007 Multicore Hook-up Wire

       88、UL 1061 Semi-Rigid PVC Insulated Wire → UL1061 (Solid) Smei-Rigid PVC Insulated Wire

       89、UL 1061 Semi-Rigid PVC Insulated Wire → UL1061 (Stranded) Smei-Rigid PVC Insulated Wire

52103  1061-26-黑   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire 52104  1061-26-黑   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire 52105  1061-26-紅   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire
52106  1061-26-紅   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire 32005  1061-26-紅   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire 32006  1061-26-黑   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire
32007  1061-26-棕   UL1061 Multicore Hook-up Wire

       90、UL1028 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1028 (Stranded)PVC Insulated Wire

       91、UL1571 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1571 PVC Insulated Hook-up Wire

90645  UL1571-28AWG-Y   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90646  UL1571-28AWG-G   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90647  UL1571-28AWG-BL   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire
90648  UL1571-28AWG-V   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90650  UL1571-28AWG-W   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90651  UL1571-28AWG-B   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire
90652  UL1571-28AWG-GRAY   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90641  UL1571-28AWG-R   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire 90644  UL1571-28AWG-O   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire
90649  UL1571-28AWG-BR   UL1571 Multicore Hook-up Wire

       92、UL 1015 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1015 (Solid) PVC Insulated Wire

32173  1015-16-單-黑   UL1015 (Solid) Hook-up Wire

       93、UL 1015 PVC Insulated Wire → UL1015 (Stranded) PVC Insulated Wire

54206  1015-16-白   UL1015(Stranded) Hook-up Wire 54207  1015-16-綠   UL1015(Stranded) Hook-up Wire 62146  1015-12-多-橙   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
18326  1015-20-多-藍   UL1015 多芯電子線 24928  1015-22-多-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook-up Wire 79977  1015-22-多-棕   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
13085  1015-12-多-白   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 14333  1015-18-多-棕   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 62530  1015-24-G   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
61347  1015-10-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 13847  1015-12-門市商品   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 13848  1015-14-門市商品   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
13850  1015-20-門市商品   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 14334  1015-18-多-灰   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8715  1015-14-多-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
8716  1015-14-多-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8724  1015-14-多-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8725  1015-14-多-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
8711  1015-12-多-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8712  1015-12-多-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8713  1015-12-多-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
8714  1015-12-多-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8726  1015-18-多-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8728  1015-18-多-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
8729  1015-18-多-白   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8730  1015-18-多-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8731  1015-20-多-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
8732  1015-20-多-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8733  1015-20-多-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 8734  1015-20-多-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
90699  1015-10-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 90701  1015-10-白   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 90702  1015-10-藍   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
18600  1015-18-多-藍   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook-up Wire 18741  1015-22-多-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook-up Wire 18742  1015-22-多-藍   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook-up Wire
14608  1015-24-R   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 17728  1015-22-門市商品   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 16447  1015-16-G/Y   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
90704  1015-10-棕   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 90705  1015-10-G/Y   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 33064  1015-16-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
33066  1015-16-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 68926  1015-16-藍   UL1015(Stranded) Hook-up Wire 68928  1015-16-棕   UL1015(Stranded) Hook-up Wire
13849  1015-18-門市商品   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 14606  1015-22-多-紅   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 14649  MPVC1218106261   PVC Hook-up Wire
14607  1015-22-多-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 14609  1015-24-B   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 2288  1015-18-多-綠   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
24662  1015-14-多-白   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 34557  1015-16-紫   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 61346  1015-10-黃   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
50488  1015-16-黑   UL1015(Stranded) Hook-up Wire 90703  1015-10-紫   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 90700  1015-10-黑   UL1015 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire

       94、UL 1283 Hook-Up Wire → UL1283 (Stranded) Hook-Up Wire

55910  1283-6-白   UL1283 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire【ROHS】 47495  1283-6-紅   UL1283 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire【ROHS】 40613  1283-6-黑   UL1283 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire【ROHS】

       95、UL1346 PVC Cable → UL1346 PVC Cable

53191  1346-6-TS-黑100   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 53192  1346-6-AS-紅   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 53193  1346-6-TS-紅   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
53194  1346-4-AS-黑   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 53195  1346-4-TS-黑   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 53196  1346-4-AS-紅   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire
53197  1346-4-TS-紅   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 55911  1346-6-TS-白   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire 48856  1346-6-AS-黑   UL1346 (Stranded) Hook -up Wire

       96、Extention Wires & Connectors → Thermocouple Extention Wires

64356  TT-J-30-SLE-1000   OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.255*305m 57075  TC-CA-H-0.3-2   Glass Fiber Extention Wire 57074  TC-CA-H-0.6-2   Extention Wire
75228  TC-TF-T-20M   T-Type Teflon Thermocouple Wire 13164  KX1-M6-6-門市商品   Extention Wire(For Thermo-element) 8814  KX-G-VVSBR   Intsite Insulation PVC Extention Wire (For Thermoelectricity Use)
48240  W-CA-G-4/0.32-門市商品   4/0.32 Thermocouple Bare Wire 57557  VX-G-VVF-4/0.65(IS)   4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire 57558  WCA-G-IS 4/0.6*2   4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
51363  WX-H-AGG   Extention Wire 89743  W-CA-G-4/0.32   4/0.32 Thermocouple Bare Wire 23966  KX-H-CGA   Extention Wire
90204  KX1-M6-6   Extention Wire(For Thermo-element) 86003  TT-K-30-SLE-1000   OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.254*305m 86004  TT-T-30-SLE-1000   OMEGA Thermocoupl Wire 2*0.255*305m
19501  K75-AFF   Insulated Thermocouple Wire-1/0.32(For Thermo-element) 13017  TC-TF-J-200M   Temperature Extention Wire -50°C~200°C 70557  WCA-G-IS 4/0.65*2   4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire
58499  W-CAG-7/0.32*2   7/0.32 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire 72592  VX-G-VVSBF-4/0.65   4/0.65 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire 18399  VX-G-VVSBF-4/0.32   4/0.32 Copper Braidedshield Thermocouple Bare Wire

       97、Extention Wires & Connectors → Thermocouple Connector

17203  K-Type-Jack   Female Mini-Connector K-Type 83246  DE-200A-S   Mini Plug S-Type (For Temperature Stick) 36245  M-5   Plug K-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick)
19723  DE-200B-T   Female Mini-Connector T-Type 13720  TP-K01A   16589  J-Type小母座   Female Mini-Connector J-Type
19722  DE-200A-T   Male Mini-Connector T-Type 86181  UPJ-K-F   OMEGA_Universal Snap-In Panel Jack 86201  SMPW-J-MF   J Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F)
86203  SMPW-T-MF   T Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F) 86204  SMPW-K-MF   OMEGA_T Type Miniature Thermocuple Connector (M+F) 14888  PN-200   Plug K-Type (For Temperature Stick)
54600  DE-200B-K   Female Mini-Connector K-Type 54601  DE-200A-K   Plug K-Type Mini (For Temperature Stick) 31136  OK-2   Female Mini-Connector K-Type
31135  CK-1   Plug K-Type (For Temperature Stick)

       98、Speaker and Power Cable → Stranded Power Wire

8905  透明線-30芯*2F   Stranded Power Wire 13429  絕緣電線1.6*1C-紅   1 Core Copper Wire 1.6mm*1C Red 13431  絕緣電線1.6*1C-G   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Red
12047  R-1.6A-T   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Red 83669  N2.0-01E-黑   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Red 12035  R-1.6D-T   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Green
12046  透明線-100芯*2F   Stranded Power Wire 13883  S-075-門市商品   PVC Flat Cable 13911  IVB551CGTI--門市商品   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Green
13913  VVF202FTI--門市商品   白扁動力線 PVC 600V VVF 13915  絕緣電線1.6*1C-G-門市商品   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Green 14123  透明線-100芯*2F--門市商品   公尺
14130  VVR203   動力線 PVC VVR 44237  N2.0-01E-白   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -White 44238  N2.0-01E-紅   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Red
8813  IVB551CG   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Green 8735  OV183C-6   UL/CSA SVT UL-type Circle Stranded Power Wire 8753  VVF162FTI   Flat Stranded Power Wire PVC 600V VVF
8754  VVF202FTI   Flat Stranded Power Wire PVC 600V VVF 28391  透明線-50芯*2F-門市商品   Stranded Power Wire 300V 8812  VVR203   Stranded Power Wire PVC VVR
8755  VVF122FTI   Flat Stranded Power Wire PVC 600V VVF 13430  絕緣電線1.6*1C-藍   PVC Plastical Insulated 1 Core Copper Wire -Green 8851  S-1.25   PVC Flat Stranded Power Wire -White
8850  S-075   PVC Flat Stranded Power Wire- White 8906  透明線-50芯*2F   Stranded Power Wire 300V 73843  PLAST-1V-2.5-60-7230-25   MC_Multistrand Wires with Reinforced Insulation (Green)
73844  PLAST-2V-1.0-60.7255-21   MC_Multistrand Wires with Dioublelayer, Reinforced Insulation (Black) 73845  PLAST-2V-1.0-60.7255-22   MC_Multistrand Wires with Doublelayer, Reinforced Insulation(Red) 73839  PLAST-1V-2.5-60-7230-21   MC_Multistrand Wires with Reinforced Insulation(Black)
73841  PLAST-1V-2.5-60-7230-22   MC_Multistrand Wire with Reinforced Insulation (Red) 73842  PLAST-1V-2.5-60-7230-24   MC_Multistrand Wires with Reinforced Insulation (Yellow) 73846  PLAST-2V-1.0-60.7255-24   MC_Multistrand Wires with Doublelayer, Reinforced Insulation(Yellow)
73847  PLAST-2V-1.0-60.7255-25   MC_Multistrand Wires with Doublelayer, Reinforced Insulation(Green) 16290  0120   平行線 13884  S-1.25--門市商品   PVC Flat Cable
33612  OCC05   OCC Multicore Copper Wire 1.48mm Blue 13912  VVF162FTI--門市商品   白扁動力線 PVC 600V VVF

       99、Speaker and Power Cable → 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable

72747  PR262   Acoustic Research_PR262 100FT Speaker Cable with 24K Gold-plated pins 59670  50C/0.1mm*2F-紅/白   Colored 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 59669  100C/0.1mm*2F-紅/黑   Colored 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable
8866  30*2F-紅/黑   Colored 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 11254  DC-132   Silver Foil Low Capacitance 2Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 13894  DC-122   高傳真低電容喇叭線
13882  100*2F-紅/黑-門市商品   紅黑喇叭線 13880  30*2F-紅/黑-門市商品   紅黑喇叭線 13881  50*2F-紅/黑-門市商品   紅黑喇叭線
55350  7/36/0.10BC   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable 55358  7/72/0.10BC   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable 55357  7/34/0.12TC   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable
55649  7/36/0.10BC   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable 73894  SPK-105A   86323  XLN-12S-18SB   Monster _ Speraker Cable
86320  XPMS-50   Compact High Performance Speaker Cable 12 Gau 9145  DC-112   SPK-200 Low Capacitance 2Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 9146  DC-122   OFC
59375  SP-2S   Silver Foil Low Capacitance 2Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 13895  DC-132   銀箔三合一低電容喇叭線 59238  SP-2S   Silver Foil Low Capacitance 2Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable
8867  50*2F-紅/黑   Colored 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 13893  DC-112   低電容喇叭線 62385  7/72/0.10BC   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable
8868  100*2F-紅/黑   Colored 2 Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable 54539  DC-121   High Clarity Interconnect &Compact Special Special Cable 58878  DC-160   Silver Foil Low Capacitance 2Conductors Stranded Speaker Cable

       100、Optical Cable → Fibre Optic Cable

17205  LFS-075-01-G   塑膠光纖 17419  LFE-100-1   端點光纖

       101、Test Lead Wires → Standard Test Lead Wires

61290  FLEXI-1V-1.5-Black   MC_PVC Insulated Multistrand Wire 8865  電錶線-藍-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires 8861  電錶線-紅-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires
8863  電錶線-黃-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires 51372  FLEXI-1V-1.5-Red   MC_PVC Insulated Multistrand Wire 13934  電錶線-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires
8862  電錶線-黑-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires 8864  電錶線-綠-20/0.12mm   Stranded Test Lead Wires

       102、Braid Wire & Copper Wire & Tinsel Wire → Flat Copper Braid Wire

48478  I-69-1   Flat Copper Braid(fiberglass) 58027  BSPET-FR9   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 58025  BSPET-FR7   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
58003  BSPET-FR5   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 58002  BSPET-FR4   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 58001  BSPET-FR3   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
58000  BSPET-FR2   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 58026  BSPET-FR8   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 58024  BSPET-FR6   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material)
57999  BSPET-FR1   PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (flame retardant material) 85504  16/3/0.12-300M   Flat Copper Braid 3417  24 電氣遮蔽帶   Electrical Shielding Tape
7065  25-4.6L   Electrical Grounding Braid 7063  24-4.6L   Electrical Shielding Tape 40277  24/15/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid 24/15/0.12T
53184  48/41/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53183  48/31/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53182  48/21/0.18   Flat Copper Braid
53181  48/18/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53180  48/13/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53160  16/3/0.12   Flat Copper Braid
38848  I-90C   Flat Copper Braid 53179  24/11/0.18+24/12/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53178  48/10/0.16   Flat Copper Braid
53177  32/12/0.16   Flat Copper Braid 53175  32/22/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53174  48/10/0.12   Flat Copper Braid
53173  48/8/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53172  24/6/0.18   Flat Copper Braid 53171  24/6/0.16   Flat Copper Braid
53170  24/10/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53168  24/7/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53166  24/5/0.12   Flat Copper Braid
53165  8/4/0.12+16/5/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53164  24/4/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 53163  24/3/0.12   Flat Copper Braid
23990  48/7/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid 48/7/0.12T 53162  16/4/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 30656  I-90B   Flat Copper Braid
53582  24/15/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid 51582  I-T-3/8 (I-92)   Flat Copper Braid 61621  I-68   Flat Copper Braid(fiberglass)
15515  I-T-1/4   Flat Copper Braid 15514  48/19/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid 15486  24/7/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid24/7/0.12T
53167  24/6/0.12   Flat Copper Braid 15480  48/19/0.12T   Flat Copper Braid 48/19/0.12T 58719  32/10/0.125-0.127T   Flat Copper Braid


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